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Technical Jokes and Cartoons – 114

Cartoon Use Elevator

Sam died and left $50,000 in his will for an elaborate funeral. 

As the last attenders left, Sam’s wife, Rose, turned to her oldest friend, Sadie, and said: “Well, I’m sure Sam would be pleased.” “I’m sure you’re right” replied Sadie, who leaned in close and lowered her voice to a whisper: “tell me, how much did it really cost?” “All of it” said Rose. “50,000.” “No!” Sadie exclaimed.”
I mean, it was very nice, but really…….$50,000?” Rose nodded. “The funeral was $6500. I donated $500 to the synagogue. The food and drinks for another $500. And the rest went towards the memorial stone.” 

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons – 109

Cartoon I Married my Wife

There was a poor old Irish cobbler whose shop was next door to a very upscale French restaurant.

Every day at lunchtime, Mike, the Irish gent, would go out the back of his shop and eat his soda bread and maybe a kipper or piece of Irish blue cheese while smelling the wonderful odors coming from the restaurant’s kitchen.

One morning, the Irishman was surprised to receive an invoice in the mail from the adjoining restaurant for “enjoyment of food.”

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons – 107


A new camp commander was appointed and while inspecting the place, he saw 2 soldiers guarding a bench.
He went over there and asked them why they guard it.
“We don’t know. The last commander told us to do so, and so we did. It is some sort of regimental tradition!”
He searched for the last commander’s phone number and called him to ask him why did he want guards on this particular bench.

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons Jokes – 106

Cartoon-Embrace Your Mistakes

Jokes at the Office

When an employment application asks who is to be notified in case of an emergency, I always write, “A very good doctor”.

I went for a job interview today and the interviewer asked me, “What would you consider to be your main strengths and weaknesses?”.
I said, “Well, my main weakness would be my issues with reality, telling what’s real from what’s not.”
They then asked, “And your strengths?”
I said, “I’m Batman.”

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