How to Connect Audio to Networks and IP Cameras

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Did you ever want to yell at someone you see on your video surveillance display? Maybe you want to tell them to get away from your parking lot or to yell at an intruder that the police are coming.  Perhaps you would like to talk to someone at your door? Then you could let the delivery man enter the back door at your office.


IP audio interface systems provide connections to speakers for paging or intercom devices. This article describes how audio can be added to your network or IP camera system.


Paging Connected to Network

The IP audio interface unit connects to the network and includes an amplifier with audio output that drives one or more speakers. These IP audio amplifiers can be used to provide campus-wide paging. Since each IP amplifier can be uniquely addressed over the network, you can make a page to a single room, one floor, one building, or the entire campus.


The IP amplifier is also available embedded inside a speaker. This creates a powered speaker that is very easy to install. You just plug the speaker into the network. No additional wiring is required.


These IP paging systems are excellent for campus-wide paging since you can connect speakers wherever you have a network connection.


IP paging is also an excellent system for emergency paging. The Talkmaster software has an option for pre-programmed messages. You can place strategic emergency message buttons around your facility. This makes it easy to send a warning message such as, “Intruder detected with a weapon, please shelter in place!” or notify everyone that there is a fire, by pushing a single button.

Intercom Connected to Network

This IP intercom interface box connects to the network and includes audio in and audio out connections so you can attach an intercom panel. The intercom Includes a call button and door release relay, and is powered using PoE. The built-in relay allows you to control an electric lock. There are indoor and outdoor versions available.


Talkmaster Audio console software runs on your computer and allows you to talk to each intercom. This Windows application provides door bell notification, two-way audio and door release.


The intercom system can be used to control entry at a door. It can also be used to communicate with many rooms from a central office. Schools use this type of system to keep in touch with all the teachers.


Intercom Connected to IP Camera

If you would like to see who is at the door, you can add an IP camera. A different IP camera audio interface box is used in this application.  In this case, instead of connecting to the network the intercom is attached to the IP camera through the interface unit. The IP camera must support two-way audio for this system to work. The added video provides additional security.


This IP intercom system allows you to view people at the door. The interface box uses PoE from the network to power both the camera and the intercom. The two-way audio interface includes an output that allows you to release an electric lock. There are indoor and outdoor intercoms available.


This IP video-intercom system is an excellent way to control a remote door. The system integrates with some video management software and NVR recording systems, which allows you to provide door control within your video management and recording system.

Speaker and Microphone Connected to Camera

An IP camera can be used to monitor audio at a viewed location. This application can also include a separate speaker so you can not only talk to a remote location but also hear what they are saying. The interface box is very similar to the intercom interface. There are some regional rules about recording audio, so make sure you understand the local ordinances describing what you can record using your video recording system.


This system provides an excellent way to add more information and interaction to an IP camera surveillance location.


Speaker Attached to an IP Camera

Instead of connecting both the speaker and the microphone a different interface provides a connection for just a speaker.  The speaker interface can only be attached to an IP camera that has an audio out connection. The signal is amplified so it can drive a speaker. These interface boxes provide more power than the two-way audio systems. The more power, the louder the audio from the speaker. There are many different amplifiers and speakers available depending on the application.


This system can be integrated with some video management and recording systems that support audio. It is an excellent way to deter intruders without having to send a security person to the location.


Audio can be attached to your network or directly to an IP camera using special interface units. The devices are very easy to install since they connect to the network and use PoE for power. The wiring is simple, yet the systems you can create are very powerful. You can protect people in a school or add audio to a camera location. Many of these systems integrate with video management and recording systems providing increased security when you need it.

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