How IP Cameras, Access Control, and Intercoms Enhance Security

Creating Rings of Defense

Rings of Security
Rings of Security

The news is filled with stories about criminal activity that affect our safety and security. Disturbed people have attacked houses of worship, schools, and businesses. Organized criminals have been implicated in smash and grab intrusions in retail stores. Surveillance cameras provided by IP camera systems have helped catch the criminals, but what can we do to prevent the intrusions. This article describes the proactive measures we can take to make life safer.

Security Defenses

We can create rings of defense around an organization that can help to increase safety. The protection is built around four primary types of security equipment: door access control, IP intercoms, IP cameras, and emergency paging systems.

Door Access Control Provides the First Line of Defense

Door Access Control System
Door Access Control System

The latest door access control systems attach to the network and use Ethernet (PoE) power. There are combination reader controllers that connect to the network instead of a central controller. These systems require less wiring, making them easier to Install

These access control systems are very sophisticated, and the management software provides many safety features that make door access much more secure than the older systems. There is a choice of local or cloud-based access control management software. The new systems can be managed using your smartphone, making them more convenient.

A Smartphone can be used as a credential. The mobile credential is less expensive than a card or keyfob credential and makes the registration of users easy.

When door access control is Integrated with an IP Camera System, the security and safety are improved. This integration allows the security department to review people as they entered the door, reducing passback and shared credentials.

The more advanced systems include the capability of controlling the elevator. The same access control software manages the organization’s doors and the elevator.

Intercoms Provide the Second Line of Defense

Door Control Using Intercoms
Door Control Using Intercoms

IP intercoms can be used to control the access of visitors. There are two types of IP intercoms. The first type connects to a security person (one to one), and the other allows the user to contact any individual (one to many) in the organization.

The simple IP intercom provides an easy way to connect to a remote person in charge of visitor control. An IP camera can be added to the intercom so the security person can see and talk to the person at the door. This system ensures that the right people are allowed entry.

Apartment Intercoms

The latest apartment intercoms or multi-tenant intercoms work over a wireless connection. This makes them very easy to install. You can easily find and call a specific corporate department or person in an apartment building using the touchscreen. The person called can answer the IP intercom using the app on their mobile device. It’s easy to view, talk and then release the door.

This wireless system is excellent for new or replacement installations. It connects to the tenant’s smartphones or can connect to the person’s wired phone. The tenant can see and speak to the person at the door when they use their smartphones. Since the system uses cellphone data, they can control the door from anywhere in the world.

IP Cameras Provide the Third Line of Defense

Guard at IP Camera Monitors
Guard at IP Camera Monitors

Historically IP Camera systems have been used to review recorded video. In some cases, security people monitor the live video, but this is difficult and expensive. In most cases, the video is checked only if a problem occurs.

The latest Smart IP Cameras provide immediate notification of alarms. They offer intelligent behavior analysis to determine if an alarm should be triggered. For example, an IP camera looks for a person crossing an imaginary line. They could be entering a restricted area or moving into a parking lot. The cameras can also detect if someone leaves a package or takes a laptop off the table.

Some IP cameras have audio capability, so it’s possible to warn a person to move away from the area.

IP Paging Systems Provide the Fourth Line of Defense

IP Paging System
IP Paging System

IP paging systems have replaced the old analog paging systems that used central amplifiers. The new technology includes powered speakers that connect to the network. They use PoE (Power over Ethernet), making the audio system very easy to install.

IP Paging systems ensure that you can notify everyone of dangerous situations. The IP paging system allows you to direct the notifications to specific areas or the entire organization. Whether it’s a fire or lockdown situation, the organization can be notified quickly.

The software includes if-then logic that allows you to create automated alerts that can be sent with the push of a button.

Summary of IP Security and Lines of Defense

We are all interested in increasing security in our organizations. You can create lines of defense using Door Access Control, Intercoms, IP Cameras, and Paging Systems. These network-attached devices can be integrated to improve the safety of an organization.

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