The Evolution of IP Camera Systems

New Developments in IP Camera Systems Make You Safer

Over the last 20 years, much has changed in the security market, yet many things stay the same. IP camera systems, door access control, and IP intercoms provide the primary security systems, but many organizations have not implemented many innovations that make organizations safer.

One example is the use of intelligent cameras in IP camera systems. Many places have continued to use the old methodology established many years ago.

This article provides a review of the changes in IP camera technology and how the increased capability can enhance your security.

Analog Steampunk Camera
Analog Steampunk CCTV Camera

IP Camera Systems Review

The first surveillance cameras used analog technology and were connected to a recording system by coax cables. The video recording system used DVR (Digital Video Recorders) that stored the video for 30 days. All the cameras connected to the DVR using a coax cable, so it wasn’t an easy system to install, especially if the cameras were far from the central DVR. The analog cameras provided limited resolution, so it was challenging to identify people in the recorded video. The DVR had one BNC connector for each camera, so only a few cameras could be attached.

CCTV Surveillance System
CCTV Surveillance System

Axis introduced the first IP cameras in 1996

Axis IP camera
Axis IP Camera

The Neteye IP camera was a significant breakthrough in surveillance technology. They combined the analog video camera with a specialized microprocessor that controlled the camera and interfaced to the network. Connecting the camera through a network cable made installation much more uncomplicated.

This new technology disrupted the surveillance market, with computer dealers taking over much of the CCTV market from the analog security dealers.

Today the IP camera is the most prevalent surveillance system in the world.

IP Camera Video Recording

Instead of DVRs, NVRs (Network Video Recorders) were introduced to record the video. These storage units are connected to the network, and the video is viewed on any computer. Since the NVR is connected to the network, many IP cameras could be attached to the recording device.

IP Cameras System – The Way It Has Been Done

IP Cameras have been placed around the facility. They viewed doorways, hallways, parking lots, lobbies, and other places.

The classic IP camera system relied on motion detection to trigger video recording. The video recording was held for a period of time. The duration was usually one week to thirty days though some applications required longer recording time.

Whenever a problem occurred, the recorded video was reviewed. For example, management would check break-ins, fights, falls, missing items, etc. Unfortunately, it wasn’t reported for many days if there was criminal activity, allowing the miscreant to be long gone.

The Benefits of the New IP Camera Systems

Intelligent IP Camera System
Intelligent IP Camera System

The latest IP camera systems have more capability. Specifically, they include camera intelligence. The more powerful processors in the cameras and the video management software make the camera systems much more intelligent than before.

The latest Hanwha IP Cameras provide real-time alarms when certain conditions are detected. These intelligent or smart camera systems can classify an object such as a person or vehicle. It can also record the car’s color or that someone is wearing a red shirt.

The motion detection capability has improved to detect when an object crosses a line. If someone approaches a door or a gate, the camera can immediately alarm the security person.

These intelligent IP camera systems can also detect if someone leaves an object or takes an object. And, some of the cameras have built-in microphones to detect the sound of a gunshot or even someone screaming.

All these intelligent behaviors change the way IP camera systems are used. It is now possible to provide immediate notifications that provide quick responses to dangerous situations. You can now react to thefts, people entering secure areas, or even a scream in the hallway.

The new systems also assist in finding the recorded video. Since the IP camera system records characteristics such as the color of a vehicle, you can search the recorded video using the search criteria of “red car” to locate the right part of the video quickly.

Summary of Advances in IP Camera Systems  

Surveillance Camera systems have evolved from analog CCTV systems to the latest IP camera systems. The newest IP cameras systems provide a dramatic change in how security is handled. Instead of reviewing historical problems, the new intelligent systems provide real-time alarms.

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