IP Access Control + Bluetooth = Germ Protection


In these days when Ebola is ravaging West Africa and Enterovirus D68 is sending children home from school, it is especially troubling to learn that Chinese health researchers testing thirty-eight ATMs in downtown Taipei, found an astonishing average of 1,200 germs – per key! Included in the count were E.coli, as well as cold and flu viruses.

The most deadly key? Enter – which if you think about it makes perfect sense –  every transaction ends with a hit to the enter key.

Scary, huh? Now think about the access control keypad you use every morning to gain access to your office building or facility. 

Health experts advise using a knuckle since you’re less likely to spread the germs to your eyes or mouth with your knuckles. But what if you could do away with the keypad altogether and gain access with a touch of your smartphone instead? People who work in buildings equipped with IP door access control systems paired with Bluetooth adapters never have to come near any germ-ridden keypads.

reader controller

IP Access Control Systems

IP door control is a no-panel approach to securing a building. The system taps into the building’s existing network to bring decision-making intelligence to the door or gate. The only equipment needed at each entry point is a network connection, a CAT5 ethernet cable, and a reader-controller.

Since the intelligence is built into the reader, even if the network goes down,  the reader keeps functioning.

Yes, the reader does have a keypad but read on. There’s a way around that.

Smart Phone Access

By using a Wiegand connection you can add a Bluetooth adapter to the door reader,  making your phone an access control credential that lets you unlock the door to your building or the gate to your parking facility. Blue tooth adapters with short-range capability can allow your phone  to unlock a door as you come to it while long-range adapters let it control a gate to a parking facility or lot as you drive toward it

As for keeping your phone germ- free – that’s up to you!

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