Access Control and Electric Locks for Secure Cabinets

Electric Locks for Secure Cabinets

When most people think of access control systems,  they  picture authorized personnel using a credential and keypad to gain entry to a secured office building or complex. But did you know door access control can be applied to storage cabinets and drawers as well?

Small electric cabinet locks are ideal for situations where security dictates that certain items not only be kept under lock and key, but also that access be limited to authorized persons.  These cabinet locks are just as secure as door control locks yet small enough to mount on cabinets and drawers. Since authorized users must use their access credentials to unlock them, a record is kept of who opened them and when.

Electronic lock

Since these surface mounted locks are electric, they do require power but for locations lacking an outlet, battery-powered locks are available. One particular lithium battery lock has proximity built into it making it ideal for situations when its security function needs to be concealed.

There are even locks made especially for frame-less glass doors.

electronic lock
Special Electric Lock

Every facility can benefit from installing electric cabinet locks in key areas. Let’s look at a few.


  • in the nurse’s office on the cabinet where prescription medicines brought in by parents for use as needed are kept.
  • on the audio-visual closet where teachers come to check out projectors and sound equipment
  • in the electronics storage room on the cabinet where laptops and iPads are charged and stored
  • on the door of the musical instrument room
  • in the administration office on the file cabinet where state-mandated test papers are stored prior to test day.
  • Any file cabinet holding confidential student information protected by  the Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA ).

Retail Businesses

  • Cash cabinet for replenishing cash registers during the day
  • jewelry counters


  • Cabinets  and drawers holding opioids and other controlled substance prescription drugs

Hospitals and Medical Offices

  • drug cabinets
  • drawers where prescription pads are kept
  • records  room  where patient histories and other sensitive information must be secured  to meet strict HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations.

Gambling Casino

  • cash drawers
  • chip cabinets


  • cash drawers
  • cabinets holding expensive wines

Complete electric lock systems include not only the lock but the software necessary to enable them them to work with an IP door access control system or, when monitoring is called for, to integrate them with IP surveillance camera systems. Some systems even provide notification when a door is opened.

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