IP Camera Systems with AI Improve Perimeter Awareness

AI-Enhanced Perimeter Security and Situational Awareness

AI Enhanced IP Cameras
AI Enhanced IP Cameras

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances the capability of IP Camera Systems. AI has improved the ability of classic surveillance systems. Instead of just recording video, the enhanced IP cameras have changed how we use the IP Camera Systems. AI makes the standard IP camera system smarter. It provides immediate notification of threats, extends the range of detection, reduces false alarms, and provides automated tracking of targets.

This article describes how the new EV-EDGE AI Software can enhance IP Camera Systems and improve perimeter security and situational awareness.

Situational Awareness Provided by AI-Enhanced Cameras

Panoramic IP cameras provide situational awareness. These cameras offer a 180-degree to 360-degree viewing field. Panoramic IP cameras provide real-time visual information, allowing individuals to understand their environment better and make informed decisions. AI-Enhancement allows the same cameras to detect targets further away.

The challenge of situational awareness. Consider the surveillance challenge of viewing a doorway or gate. We want to see who’s at the entrance, but it’s also essential to check if other people are waiting out of view. Panoramic cameras add this situational awareness. The EV-Edge AI-Enhancement significantly improves situational awareness for complex or busy scenes by enhancing your camera’s capabilities, allowing tracking of multiple targets or events by seeing through the noise.

Perimeter Surveillance Using Fewer Cameras

Perimeter Security
Perimeter Security

EV-Edge saves money because it requires fewer cameras to cover significantly more physical areas. For example, the panoramic camera provides a wide field of view, but the further away the objects are, the less detail we can see. It means we could miss small things that are far away. By using AI-Enhancement, we can see two times as far away, increasing the range of the standard panoramic camera.

Standard cameras require about eight or nine vertical pixels to detect a person, while AI-enhanced cameras require about 4 or 5 pixels across the target. See our article, Detection, Recognition, Identification: The New Criteria, to learn more about these criteria. Objects further away from the camera are not easily detected.

AI-enhanced cameras provide better detection that’s much further away. Using mathematical averaging, AI detects objects using only four or five pixels rather than the usual 8 pixels required by a standard IP Camera. The AI-enhanced cameras utilize Fourier transforms and other mathematical averaging to detect these distant objects. The AI enhancement doubles the distance that cameras see threats.  

For example, the Hanwha TNO-4050T thermal camera can detect a 5.7 ft tall person at about 1500 ft. with a field of view of 340 ft. Using EV-Edge software, the detection distance is doubled to around 3,020 ft, and the field of view is 680 ft.

This greater detection area means we can use fewer cameras to provide complete perimeter surveillance.

Perimeter Surveillance Integrating Fixed and PTZ Tracking

The integration of Fixed and PTZ cameras using AI-Edge software provides a new and effective synergy that enhances perimeter control.

AI-Enhanced Camera Systems
AI-Enhanced Camera Systems

The long-range perimeter detection is enhanced by AI’s ability to transfer the location of a target to a PTZ camera that can zoom and track objects, making it easy to identify the target. Multiple Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) cameras can track multiple targets, reducing the need for many cameras.

AI-Enhancement Cameras Reduce False Alarms

Artificial Intelligence also reduces alarms caused by extraneous noise, changing scenes caused by defective cameras, changing weather, and reflected light from headlights.

Camera Implementation of AI

It’s very easy to implement the AI enhancements provided by AI-Edge software. The software runs natively on Hanwha and Axis cameras. Fixed and PTZ IP cameras can use this enhanced software, making it the perfect solution for perimeter and improved awareness.

How to Purchase

To purchase this software go to AI-Enhanced IP Camera Systems.

Summary of AI-Enhanced IP Camera Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enhanced IP Camera Systems, transforming traditional surveillance methods into a more intelligent, reactive threat containment system. AI makes IP camera systems smarter by providing immediate threat notifications, extending detection ranges, reducing false alarms, and automating target tracking. The EV-EDGE AI Software is highlighted for its role in improving perimeter security and situational awareness.

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