Enhancing School Safety With Technology

How Technology Can Improve Safety in Schools

Technology to Protect Schools
Technology to Protect Schools

Ensuring students, teachers, and staff safety and security within educational institutions is paramount in today’s rapidly evolving world. IP camera systems, door access control, and visitor management have emerged as powerful tools to enhance school safety in many ways.

This article explores how these systems contribute to a safer learning environment:

IP Camera Surveillance Systems Provide Immediate Notification of School Threats:

Installing IP cameras throughout the school premises can help monitor activities and identify potential threats. Advanced AI camera systems can provide real-time monitoring and alert security when a fight occurs, someone is carrying a gun, or someone falls. You can also add facial recognition capabilities to identify individuals of interest. These security alerts can automate lockdowns.

AI-Software for IP Cameras
AI-Software for IP Cameras

The new AI-enhanced IP camera systems include perimeter and situational awareness. These intelligent camera systems provide instant notification of threats. Read more about AI-enhanced IP Camera Systems.

Access Control Systems Protect the School:

Implementing access control systems with keycards or biometric authentication can restrict unauthorized entry into school buildings. These systems can also track who enters and exits, providing a record of activity.

An Access Control System uses door readers that detect the unique identification numbers provided by credentials. A credential can be an RFID card or keyFob, a person’s smartphone, or a biometric (for example, your face or fingerprint). A door access control system also includes Access Control Management Software that manages all aspects of the access control system. It determines who can enter, when, and what door they can use. When a registered credential is detected, the controller releases the electric lock. Access control systems can be used to monitor who is entering and leaving a secure area, generate reports, and provide data for security analytics.

Visitor Management Control People Who Enter the School:

Computer-based visitor management systems can replace paper logs and help schools keep track of visitors. These systems can perform background checks and issue visitor badges, enhancing security.

Access Control and Visitor Management Integration
Access Control and Visitor Management Integration

Visitor Management Systems gather information so there is a record of who entered and provide documentation of where the visitor went in the organization. They also provide some safeguards, such as criminal databases and do-not-admit blacklists.

School systems use visitor management systems to monitor people who want to enter the school building. Parents would like the schools to be proactive in protecting their children from sexual predators or even parental-controlled visitation and contact. Visitor management systems are used in school districts to track a visitor’s stay and check the visitor’s information against national and local criminal databases.

Visitor management systems work with door access control systems to ensure the facility is safe from unauthorized entry. To learn more, see Visitor Management Software Comparison.

Emergency Notification Systems:

Mass notification systems enable schools to quickly communicate with students, staff, and parents during emergencies. This can include text alerts, email notifications, and automated phone calls. There are two types of systems for emergency notification. IP paging systems work well on campuses with one or more buildings. Mass notification systems are essential when getting the message to people on or off campus.

IP paging systems use the Ethernet network to transfer the audio from a microphone connected to a computer to all the speakers. The digital system includes IP intercoms as well as IP paging. The IP speakers and intercoms use power over Ethernet (PoE), making them very easy to install. Since this is a network-attached paging system, it is very flexible, providing many more features than the older analog paging systems.

Mass Notification Systems use multiple communication channels to reach as many people as possible. The notification system uses desk phones, computers, paging systems, two-way radios, digital signage, mobile phones, and conference systems like Microsoft Teams.

Emergency Notification System
Emergency Notification System

Summary of School Safety

In today’s rapidly evolving world, ensuring safety and security in educational institutions is paramount. IP camera systems, door access control, visitor management, and emergency notification systems have emerged as powerful tools to enhance school safety. The latest AI-enhanced camera systems have added an effective way to react to problems as soon as they occur.

It’s important to note that while technology can significantly improve school safety, it should be part of a comprehensive safety strategy that includes well-trained staff, mental health support, and community involvement. Technology alone cannot guarantee safety but can significantly improve response times and increase security.

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