IP Cameras for Police Surveillance

Covert IP Camera Systems for Law Enforcement and City Surveillance

IP Camera Systems for Law Enforcement
IP Camera Systems for Law Enforcement

There are times that you want people to know that surveillance cameras are watching, but there are times you don’t. The type of IP camera system depends on your objectives. Visible surveillance may provide a deterrent, while covert camera systems help catch the lawbreaker. 

This article describes some of the covert systems that are available.

Outdoor City Surveillance Systems

Deployable pole-mounted IP camera systems feature PTZ or fixed cameras. They can be visible or covert, depending on the application.

Covert camera kits include IP cameras, video management software, a ruggedized PC, and a 4G LTE cellular data modem that operates with Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. They can be attached to a pole.

Visible outdoor PTZ or fixed IP cameras provide sophisticated surveillance. Many available cameras include night-vision long-range PTZ, fixed, and panoramic cameras.  

A Pole-Mounted Surveillance System Looks Like a Power Transformer

These surveillance systems are perfect for covertly viewing high-crime neighborhoods.

Covert Design: Its appearance and ability to be rapidly deployed make the covert city surveillance systems an ideal tool for covert surveillance operations, monitoring major outdoor events, and providing law enforcement with situational awareness, as well as a wide variety of other uses.

The IPDeputyPTZ covert pole-mounted camera system supports a variety of connections, including fiber, copper, and WiFi (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and mesh). Alternatively, the IPDeputyPTZ can include an onboard ruggedized video server for local recording and an advanced 4G LTE cellular data modem for remote camera control, system access, and archive uploading.

Covert-IP Cameras
Covert-Pole-Mounted IP Cameras

Outdoor IP Visible Surveillance Camera Systems

Outdoor IP cameras provide visible deterrence in a variety of applications. Some of these visible cameras can also be placed inside a covert enclosure. Here are some examples of visible IP cameras:

Long-Range PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras
PTZ Cameras

The latest PTZ cameras include high-performance zoom lenses. For example, the XNP-6550RH camera from Hanwha has a 55X zoom lens. This 2-Megapixel camera provides enough visibility to read a license plate about 1,800 ft (567m) away. The camera also has a built-in IR illuminator with a range of 1,600 ft (500m).

Dual-Sensor Cameras

Dual sensor or bispectrum cameras include visible and thermal type sensors. Hanwha’s Bi-spectrum AI Thermal Camera features a VGA thermal and 4K visual video output. Some models have different lenses. For example, the TNM-C4960TD includes a 25mm fixed lens (FoV: 17.4° thermal) and a 10.9~29mm motorized varifocal lens (FoV: 42°~15° visible).

Some cameras include AI engines. For example, the visible optical camera available with the dual sensor camera can provide alarms based on AI engine (visible only) such as object detection (Person/Face/Vehicle/License plate), IVA (Virtual line/Area, Enter/Exit, Loitering, direction, intrusion), Stopped vehicle, and detection of traffic jams. The dual SD cards provide up to 1 TB of camera video storage (512GB x2).

Indoor Covert Cameras

Covert IP Cameras
Covert IP Cameras

The latest hidden cameras provide surveillance that provides video views that make it easy to identify a person’s face. The IP cameras can be mounted at the same height as a person’s face rather than looking down from the ceiling.

Hanwha has several specialized 2-Megapixel IP covert camera systems that can be used when you don’t want people to know they are being watched.

These IP cameras provide much better resolution than the old analog CCTV cameras that were used in smoke detectors, clocks, and other hidden devices.  These surveillance camera systems are designed for commercial applications.

Video Management Software

Every IP Camera system is available with Video Management Software (VMS) with an easy-to-use interface, so anyone can manage the system, handle incidents and quickly export high-definition evidence. The Smart Search function helps narrow your search for crucial sections of the video. No more spending hours fast-forwarding through video to find an event.

Summary of Covert Cameras for Law Enforcement

The latest covert IP camera systems provide flexible surveillance that makes law enforcement easier. The hidden cameras look like power transformers and are mounted on poles. These systems are available with fixed or PTZ-type IP cameras. If you don’t require a covert camera, many IP camera systems have advanced functionality. Some can automatically detect situations such as a stopped vehicle or detection of traffic jams.

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