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High-resolution cameras have a field of view advantages that lower your system cost when compared to normal camera installations. How? Using one IQeye high-resolution camera instead of two normal network cameras. In some cases, one IQeye3 replaces four normal cameras with no loss in pixel detail or coverage area.

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Camera Position Example

IP Camera installation with low-resolution cameras

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Camera Layout with High-Resolution Cameras

High-Resolution Camera placement

Greater Field of View reduces cost in three ways:1. Smaller file sizes so less disk required for archival2. Fewer devices to install and manage – upfront and ongoing cost savings

3. Fewer network nodes – smaller switches and less wiring

Every installation has unique requirements for camera placement and lens selection.

Here is an excerpt from the U.S. Department of Justice report intended for use by schools when designing surveillance systems:

For observation of a camera scene to determine only if a human is in the scene (or to be able to distinguish between a person and an animal), a minimum criterion of 6 horizontal TV lines across a 1-foot-wide object within the scene is used. (In terms of active picture elements, this means that a 1-foot-wide object would cover 8 horizontal active picture elements for each row of picture elements for the height of the object on the camera imager.) For identification of a person by facial features, 16 horizontal lines (21 pixels) of resolution subtending a 1-foot-wide object is needed.

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To test this, we took some pictures with an IQeye3. The area highlighted as the face below is about 10″ high, so the DOJ report would allow the use of the smallest image

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