IQinVision Small JPEG Files Sizes

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Small JPEG File Sizes

IQinVision reduces file sizes in two ways, saving you money by reducing storage requirements and network bandwidth.

Better JPEG compression from our internally developed JPEG algorithms provides you smaller files with better quality.
One large image compresses better than two (or more) small images with the same total pixel count and field of view.
Replace 2 or 4 cameras with one IQeye3.
Same total pixel count, but use up to 25% less disk space.

Higher-resolution brings a greater field of view, with the same pixels per visual content. One IQeye3 provides as much visual information as 4 normal cameras. In addition to saving money on the cameras, networking gear, and ongoing maintenance issues, you also benefit by substantially lower file sizes per pixel. One large JPEG is much more efficient than 4 smaller JPEGs, and that efficiency is greater the more the file is compressed. You can expect a range of an additional 5 to 25% less storage required when one IQeye3 is doing the work of 2 or 4 regular cameras.

This reduction is on top of the savings that result from our better JPEG compression!

JPEG compression

Would you rather have one image 1288 by 968 using 208,283 bytes of disk storage

Or, would
you rather have

JPEG compression

four images each 640 by 480 using a total of 225,820 bytes

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