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The IQeye family draws less than 5 watts of power.

Solar Grid IP Camera
Solar Grid IP Camera

With normal operation using only 3 watts, IQeye smart camera platforms are great for battery-powered applications – temporary surveillance operations or field applications without power hookups. A small solar grid (approximately 18 inches by 12 inches) can provide enough power. Lead-acid batteries can provide days or weeks of full-time use. And our XT rated cameras can withstand the temperature extremes of field use.

Solar Grid IP Camera

Power Over Ethernet = no power cable installation

The IQeye camera family makes installations quick and inexpensive. Imagine installing IQeye’s with only one cable, Category 5 twisted pair. A single data cable carries data and power! Power Over Ethernet means that an electrician is no longer needed to run power to camera locations, dramatically lowering installation costs. Simple and easy for interior and exterior use. The IQ511 and IQ700 are series IEEE 802.3af ready while the IQ300 series uses the IQPoet splitter.


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