Security Technology Review for 2017

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Technology of 2017In 2017 there were a number of technology advancements. Faster processors provided higher performance IP cameras that enhanced the security provided by IP camera systems.


Other technology introduced included, long-range PTZ cameras, new biometric door access control readers, and more advanced network attached paging and intercom systems.


Over last year, technology for IP security systems continued to add new features that made it easier to use and improve our safety. This article reviews some of the key technology introductions.


IP Camera Technology

Both Hanwha (used to be Samsung) and Hikvision introduced new cameras that included very low-light sensitivity cameras, and improved wide dynamic range (WDR). Hanwha also focused on providing very useful video analytics, and camera to camera communication that provided a handoff between a fixed camera and a PTZ camera. The new X-series cameras include a high-performance processor called Wisenet 5. The faster speed processing power allowed them to improve the performance of their 2-Megapixel and 5-Megapixel cameras. They also added gyro sensors that provide video stabilization. This dramatically improves performance when the cameras are mounted on poles that can be affected by wind.  


Very Low Light Performance

The latest Hanwha and Hikvision cameras provide low light-level sensitivity that enables viewing in very dark conditions. The very high-performance cameras can see in partial moonlight.  As an example, the Hanwha XNV-6085 provides low-light sensitivity of 0.004 lux in color. The Hikvision DS-2C4526FWD specs low-light sensitivity at 0.0027 lux in color. When these cameras switch to BW mode, you can view scenes illuminated by starlight (on a clear night).


Smart Analytics

intelligent IP CameraBy adding advanced video analytics, IP cameras are now able to notify you of security problems in real-time.  This includes virtual line-crossing that provides an alarm if someone enters a secure area, detection of an item removed from a location, and even object left unattended.  The audio analytics offers even more security protection by providing notification when a gunshot is heard, or even when a person screams. These analytic functions allow security persons to respond immediately to threats to your security.  For more information about analytics, take a look at the article, The Intelligent IP Camera.


Hanwha introduced a very nice feature that enables a PTZ camera to zoom into a pre-selected location when an alarm trigger is received from another camera in the same surveillance system.  For example, if a fixed wide angle view camera detects motion at a gate, the associated PTZ camera can move and zoom to the gate area. This is perfect for automatically monitoring a large area.  It is also possible for more than one fixed camera to cause the same PTZ camera to view an alternative location when it detects motion or another alert.


Hikvision announced that there would be some advanced capability in their new NVR and IP cameras. This is not available yet, but it’s expected to provide some very nice capability in 2018.  “Deep Learning.” is the name of the process added to their new NVRs.  It provides an artificial learning function that helps the IP camera system identify people, and ignore false alarms caused by animals, falling leaves or changing shadows. The increased capability in the IP cameras is called “DeepinView,” and it adds algorithms that can identify a person’s face or license plate.

Long-Range PTZ Cameras

Long-range PTZ CameraA number of off-the-shelf long-range PTZ cameras were introduced in 2017. These cameras include long-range lenses, IR illumination, and additional thermal imaging cameras. Previously these features were only available in custom-made long-range camera systems, but today high-performance cameras are available for less cost.


During the day, long-range cameras can detect a person over 3 miles away. They can recognize the difference between a person and a dog over 1-mile away. They can identify if the person is a man or women (based on how they are dressed) about ½-mile away.  At night the IR illumination has a range of up to 1,000 m (0.6 miles) away.


Biometric Door Access Control

New fingerprint readers were introduced last year that provide a higher level of reliability and improved ease of installation. Or example, these door readers offer much better recognition of hard to read fingerprints.

Biometric Door Reader

If you need hands-free door control, then the new professional facial recognition door readers should be considered. Since they don’t have to be touched, they are popular in hospitals and other organizations where hands-free operation is essential. They have been improved so that they operated faster and more reliably.  


Other new multi-modal biometric readers were introduced last year. These readers provide increased flexibility, allowing dual authentication (such as fingerprint and facial recognition) or alternative identification when appropriate. The latest finger-vein door readers offer much better reliability.  They included live-person detection for increased security.  The TVIP-3F-ProX fingerprint reader now includes built-in PoE capability making it much easier to install.

IP Paging System

The latest IP Paging system allows a page to initiated from a Windows computer running Talkmaster software or a VoIP SIP type phone. This makes the paging system much more flexible and easy to use.


Installing a network attached paging system is extremely easy. The amplifiers connect directly to the network. The lower power IP amplifiers can even use Power over Ethernet (PoE). New IP speakers are available that include a built-in IP amplifier. This means you can mount the speaker on a wall, and just plug it into a nearby network drop.  There is no need for wiring back to a central amplifier.



Security technology was enhanced in 2017. IP camera systems, door access control, and paging systems all added significant capability. The higher performance processors used by all these systems enabled functions that provided increased intelligence at the camera, and at the door.  This resulted in improved safety and security at the same price point as the older technology.

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