Selecting the Right IP Camera System

The Best IP Camera Systems

IP camera system
IP Camera System

An IP Camera System is a set of cameras and software that provide video surveillance. IP camera systems usually include many IP cameras that are selected depending on what areas they need to view. These network-attached cameras can be dome, bullet, PTZ, or panoramic IP cameras. The system also includes a video recording system such as video management software (VMS) or Network Video Recorders (NVR). All the components connect to the local area network.

This article provides information to help you select the right IP camera system.

What is the best IP camera system for you? That all depends on your system objectives. Limiting theft in the store requires different cameras than watching the parking lot. Don’t assume that any camera will work. The cameras need to be tailored to your needs. The IP camera system also includes a video recording system. Some of these systems are very good at notifying you of alarm conditions, while others just record the video.

IP Camera System Objectives

The first step in selecting the right IP camera system is to determine your objectives. Here are some fundamental questions to answer:

  1. How large an area do we want to view?
  2. What detail do we want to see with your cameras?  Do we want to see a license plate or be able to identify a person’s face?
  3. Do you want to operate day and night?
  4. Do you want to be alerted if someone leaves a package in the lobby or steals a laptop?
  5. What Video Recording System should you get? How long do we want to store the video?
  6. Do you want to record the video only when motion is detected, or some other alarm is triggered?

The following surveillance objectives can help you answer these questions.

IP Camera Systems to Catch the Thief

Do you want to find out who’s stealing your computers? First, decide if you’re trying to find an employee stealing (someone you know) or trying to catch the crook that breaks into your store. You will require more detail to identify someone you don’t know.

If you decide that this is your objective, it will help you place the cameras, determine the field of view, and establish the cameras’ resolution.

Catching the Thief
Catching the Thief

IP Camera System to Watch Cars in the Parking Lot

Viewing cars in a large lot can be challenging. You have to decide what details you will require. Do you want to see all the license plates? Do you want to catch a person breaking into a car? Do you need to identify the criminal? 

Since parking lots cover a large area, you will need higher resolution cameras to get the largest field of view possible. You may also require several cameras or use PTZ cameras. By separating each viewing area, you can determine the type of camera and the number you will need.

IP Camera Systems That Control Entry

IP camera systems can be integrated with door access control systems to protect your organization. The video from cameras watching the doors can be recorded when the door opens. Some IP cameras include I/O connections that can be used to interface with a door access control system.

Intercoms that include an IP camera can be added to control visitors. Intercoms with relays control the electric locks or connect to your access control systems.  

IP Camera Systems Reduce Liability

False insurance claims can be resolved using your IP camera system. Insurance companies sometimes provide discounts when cameras are installed. It allows them to contest malicious claims easily.

In this application, it is essential to be able to identify the person making a claim. You should decide if you are trying to identify a known or unknown person. You will require more resolution to recognize an unknown person than one of your employees.  

Video Recording for IP Camera Systems

Video Management Software
Video Management Software

The video recording system is an essential part of your IP camera system. If you select the wrong software or Network Video Recorder (NVR), you may not meet your requirements. You may require a camera recording system that allows you to use your smartphone to notify you about alarm situations. Some video management software (VMS) provides helpful search mechanisms that help you find the recorded video.

For example, Hanwha provides intelligent cameras that can distinguish between a vehicle’s colors or provide an alert if the camera detects a person rather than an animal. When this search capability is used, you can easily find the parking lot’s red car rather than looking at all the recorded video.

IP Camera Systems Summary

The IP camera system includes many cameras and a video recording system. The type of camera and the video recording system depends on your objectives. It is important to know what area you want to view, the resolution required, and the type of information you would like recorded.

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