The Best Apartment Intercoms

IP Apartment Intercoms Review

Apartment Intercom System Drawing
Apartment Intercom System Drawing

The latest IP apartment intercoms use wireless networks to communicate with the tenant. The new wireless multi-tenant intercoms allow you to contact the resident’s smartphone or standard phone to request entry into the building. The lobby intercom touchscreen display provides a list of all the tenants in the building.

This article provides critical features and functions of the best apartment intercom systems.

IP Apartment Intercom Communication Basics

The wireless apartment intercom communicates over the Ethernet network across wireless and cell connections. The visitor uses the touchscreen to select the tenant.

Once the person is selected, the tenant is notified by the App on their smartphone.  The tenant can then see the person at the door as well as talk to them. They can then release the lock on the front door (or not). Since the communication channel is over the Internet, the tenant can be anywhere in the world, wherever they can receive a cell call and data connection. The new apartment intercoms can also work with classic phone systems.

This wireless Apartment Intercom system is excellent for new or replacement installations. It connects to the tenant’s smartphones for completely wireless communication. For more information about how the new digital IP intercoms compare to the older apartment intercoms, please look at our article, Comparison of Apartment Intercom Systems.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Apartment Intercom

There are several things to consider when selecting the apartment intercom. Some features and functions make the apartment system safer, easier to install, and easy to use. Here are some questions to help you decide what apartment intercom is best for you.

Does the Intercom Provide Video as well as audio? It is much safer when you can see your visitor.

Does the apartment system record the usage? A log of all the calls through the panel to a specific tenant provides a historical report essential for security and safety.

Apartment Intercom

Does the Apartment Intercom allow you to control door entry even if you are not in your apartment? Sometimes you would like to allow the cleaning person into the apartment or allow a delivery person to leave a package outside your door.

Can the multi-tenant system contact a telephone if the user doesn’t have a smartphone? Some people don’t use smartphones. The complete apartment system allows communication without video to standard telephones.

Does the apartment system provide custom groups of people so that multiple people in the same apartment can answer the door?  Sometimes one person is not available to answer the door. By enabling custom groups, the call can be sent to many people, and the first to answer can handle the request.

Can the intercom system use many different types of answering devices? The more sophisticated solutions can use answering devices such as Windows, Mac/Apple iOS, Android, Google, computers, tablets, smartphones, and classic telephones.

Can the apartment system provide limited use PINs that provide guest control? The temporary access codes allow you to give returning guests an easy way to enter the building. They can also be used if you have Airbnb renters.

Does the apartment system integrate with door access control systems? Access control systems limit entry to pre-registered people. Integrating new or existing door access control systems with the apartment intercom provides control of multiple doors, gates, parking areas, and elevators.

Can the multi-tenant apartment intercom work with parking gate systems? The more advanced apartment systems allow the users to enter the license plate of their vehicles. This allows automated license plate readers (ALPR) to open a gate or door as you approach automatically.  The system uses standard IP cameras for reading the license plates.

How easy is it to add users? The system should allow each tenant to register themselves or have a centralized management control center that allows management to enter and control the data.

Replacing Old Apartment Intercoms

Apartment Touch-Screen Intercom

Many old analog apartment intercoms have reached end-of-life. The multi-button systems have stopped working correctly, and the intercoms in the apartments are non-functional. It is difficult and expensive to replace wired systems because even the wires running to the apartments may be broken or shorted.

The new IP apartment Intercoms quickly replace the old multi-button units because no extensive wiring is required. The lobby intercom touchscreens and wireless connections provide improved capability, such as video connections to the lobby.

The wireless apartment intercoms will save quite a lot of money since they don’t require wires to each apartment. The hosted cloud control and management software is easy to use and is updated automatically.

Summary of the Best Apartment Intercoms

Apartment intercoms provide increased functionality and are easy to install. They enhance the value of the property by providing the latest audio and video visitor entrance control. The latest IP apartment intercoms utilize central cloud servers to maintain and manage all the tenants.

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