How to Upgrade Your Access Control System

Upgrade Your Door Access Control System

The classic door access control systems have been around for many years. These access control systems include one or more central control panels that connect to all the door readers.

Usually, the door readers use a Wiegand connection for communication. The reader-to-controller cable includes the serial Wiegand wires, power, and electric lock control. It also can contain several door control signals such as Request to Exit and door contact sensors. These older systems don’t have the latest features provided by the new access control systems.

Your old controller can be replaced so you can get the latest features and functions available from the new access control system. The new systems connect to the network allowing them to be integrated with other security systems. They provide many new capabilities that will improve your safety and security.

Door Access Control Diagram
Door Access Control Diagram

Benefits of Upgrading Your Access Control System:

The latest access controllers connect to the network and include access control management software that runs on your Windows PC.  The combination of network-attached controller and access control management software provide the following features:

  • Triple Swipe Program provides special codes for particular users allowing them to swipe three times then enter their pin code at a keypad reader to cause up to 32 special events. (EG: you are closing early for the day and just want to go to the reader and lock the door down for the rest of the day OR enable an alarm system, etc.).
  • Extremely Powerful Holiday Configurations: The sophisticated access control system allows you to pre-program several different reactions to recurring or specific holidays (eg: front door may be locked partially for one holiday but for a full day on another holiday, while other doors react differently). Also, the user can program how user cards will work during the holidays.
  • The access control system allows the user to divide and sub-divide the system into Multiple Partitions and Sites partitions and multiple sites within each partition. It allows for better local level administration and protecting other site configuration and data. You can define with specific administrative roles, the abilities of sub-administrators – what they can see, what they can manage, and what tasks they can perform.
  • One-Time Run Time Zones allows you to configure the doors or elevator floors to function differently for a special event. Simply program the period and what you want the door or floor to do and the system takes care of it for you. Create and store multiple OTR events on the panel allowing you to program months in advance. Excellent for board meetings, move-in days, special events, etc.
  • Access control management software provides excellent reporting features. These powerful and fast reports allow you to display to screen, output to CSV or write to PDF. The reports include an access control Administration log recording every change made on the system as well as the time it was made and by whom.
  • Crisis Mode Responses: allows the door access control system to respond to emergencies. The access control crisis mode is activated by one button press from any IP-enabled device. Doors will, in turn, lockdown, and only users with appropriate crisis mode privileges (up to 16 pre-defined levels) will be granted access.

Integration with IP Camera Systems with Access Control

Enterprise Access Control system from Hartmann provides the following IP Camera System integration features:

The integrated access control and IP camera system show the video from multiple cameras displayed in the same web browser as your door access management software.

Cameras and Access Control Display
Cameras and Access Control Display

More Features of IP Camera System Integration Include

  • The real-time video can be displayed based on pre-defined alerts from the door access control system. The alerts include “Door Held Opened,” Door Forced Open, and many more.
  • Examples of IP camera system systems currently supported include Hanwha Recording systems, Milestone xProtect, ViconNet, Exact, Digital Watchdog, and some Hikvision NVR systems. The list is growing so please check with us for the latest supported IP camera recording system support
  • Provides easy management of IP cameras
  • You can create different viewing matrixes so that you can view many different cameras at the same time.
  • Easy playback of the recorded video allows you to select a time period and verify any security concerns.
  • Cameras can be viewed on all platforms, including desktop and mobile devices.
  • Cameras can be associated with elevators, providing door/elevator alerts and history

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Add Your Smartphone as the Access Control Credential

Now your smartphone is your access key. You don’t need to carry a card credential.  Both Isonas and Hartmann include Apps that connect your smartphone to their readers using Bluetooth. This mobile credential is the latest way of controlling your door access. Mobile credentials provide the benefit of reducing pass-back problems because it is unlikely that someone would give another person their phone. It also provides easy to use access. The latest systems allow you to wave your hand over the reader to gain access.

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Elevator Control can be Added to Your Access Control System

There are compatible controllers that work with elevator systems. An elevator access control unit is used to determine the floors that can be reached based on the door access control credential.

For example, all the accountants who work on the 5th floor can reach that floor, but not be able to go to the IT department on the 3rd floor.  Floors that contain general areas such as the cafeteria or fitness center would typically be available to everyone. The system can also be programmed to allow certain people, such as the executives to go to any floor.

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How to Upgrade Your Access Control System

To upgrade your access control system, you will need to replace the controller, re-enter the credentials, and add management information. The same set of wires that come from the door readers can be connected to the new controllers. For example, the Hartmann controllers support up to eight doors in a single panel. Since each panel connects to the network, multiple controllers can be part of the same large access control system.

Locate the Readers at Each Door

Disconnect one set of wires at a time. Record which set of wires is going to a specific door. This will allow you to register each reader in the software.

Register the Credentials to the New Software

You will have to re-enter the credentials by swiping the credential at the door readers. Add the person assigned to each credential in the software.

Add the schedule and management for each credential (or person). Enter the information for each person and assign the door the person is allowed to enter, the time they can enter.

Once you have added the new controller, you take advantage of the new features and functions.

Upgrading your Access Control System Summary.

The latest access control panels provide improved functionality. This allows you to integrate IP cameras systems, elevator control and other functions that will enhance safety and security.

If you need help upgrading your access control system, please contact us at 800-431-1658 in the USA, or at 914-944-3425 everywhere else, or use our contact form.