Panic Buttons and Other Security Systems for Schools

Active Shooter Emergencies

Active shooter situations have become a significant security issue. Many articles have been written about this. Solutions range from increased technology, active shooter drills in schools, and of course, gun control.  Ann Hampton Callaway even wrote a song, Thoughts and Prayers.

A recent article, Active Shooter Drills May Not Stop A School Shooting — But This Method Could, was published November 27, 2019, in NPR news. It discussed the issues with active shooter drills. The article suggested that it was much better to provide threat assessment as a proactive approach to safety in schools. The objective would be to “identify students who are doing concerning behavior or may be in distress and getting them the help they need before they even resort to violence as an option.”

As a technology company, all we can do is suggest technology that can be used to prevent, control, and manage active shooter situations.

Safety and Security in Schools
Safety and Security in Schools

Security devices such as IP cameras, paging systems, metal detectors, door access control, and panic buttons can be used to help control emergency situations. This article provides a summary of the safety and security systems.

Control Access

The first step to increase security is to control access to the school.

Door Access Control System

Access control systems placed on all the doors can prevent unauthorized entrance to the school. The IP Door access control system can be integrated with IP cameras with the right software. For example, Video Management Software and Door Access Control software work together to increase security by allowing you to see who entered the door. It allows you to check that the person using a credential is the right person and that they didn’t let anyone else in at the same time.

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Metal Detectors for Door Entry Control

Metal detectors can be used to control what people can carry into a building. Today these metal detectors are used not only at airports but in office buildings, theaters, and schools.  These multi-zone metal detectors are designed to keep you safe from the threat of metal weapons.

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Cameras and Intercoms

IP camera systems can be used to monitor the entrance and outdoor areas around the school. Cameras that include intelligence can create an alarm if someone crosses a line or enters a door. Read more about Intelligent IP cameras…

Intercoms with cameras can be used to control who enters the building. The intercoms connect to the network and allow control of electric locks or door access control readers. Video Management Software (VMS) can be used for control, monitoring, and recording. Read more about intercoms

Call for Help with Mobile Emergency Button

Mobile Emergency buttons can be used by teachers and administrators to call for help. The button can be used to notify the school safety center or contact “911”. When the response center receives an emergency alert, the software provides the name of the person, the location of the call, and details about the person calling. The school can use its safety center, establish an emergency center, use its administrative office, or automatically call 911. Read more about panic buttons.

Provide Emergency Notification

Network-attached paging systems are replacing the older analog paging systems. They are not only easier to install; they provide increased functionality. One of the most helpful features of this system is its ability to make automated announcements. You can push a button and make a pre-recorded page, or automatically notify everyone about a weather emergency received from the national weather service.  The automation feature can even convert text messages to audio announcements. Read more about paging systems


We are aware that there is no easy solution to improving school safety. Active shooter situations can be minimized by proactive procedures that prevent disasters before they happen, by providing active shooter drills, limiting gun access, and using the latest technology. There are several technologies that can be used to increase safety in our schools. These include door access control, metal detectors, IP camera systems, door access control, intercoms, mobile panic buttons, and emergency announcements.

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