Access Control in an Apartment House

How to Protect Apartment Houses

Access Control for Apartment Houses
Access Control for Apartment Houses

Access control is used in apartment houses to regulate who can enter the building, specific areas such as parking, and each apartment. The addition of the latest access control systems makes it easy to enhance safety and is easy to install.

This article describes how door access can control the entry of residents and visitors.

Methods for Controlling the Entry Points

Door access control can be placed on all the main entry points, including the lobby, front or back doors, garages, and sometimes even individual floors or sections of a building.

Tenant Access Control

Tenant access control increases safety but can annoy residents who need to provide credentials at all the entry points. Mobile and Biometric credentials can be used to make it very easy for residents to enter.

Access Control for Tenants
Access Control for Tenants

Mobile Credentials

Your smartphone is your access key. You don’t need to carry a card credential. Isonas and Hartmann include Apps that connect your smartphone to their readers using Bluetooth. This mobile credential is the latest way of controlling your door access.

The intelligent door reader provides optional modes of entry.

 Slide Mode

Slide. Come in! Your hand becomes a card you always have on you without needing to take out your smartphone.

Hands-Free Mode

Just walk past the reader! There’s nothing else to it! The distance from the smartphone to the reader is adjustable to maintain security.

Tap-Tap Mode

Tap and enter! You can open a door by tapping your smartphone twice in your pocket for close or remote access.

Remote Mode

This mode can be used to open a garage door or gate from a distance. This mode requires that you press the app button to open the door.

Biometric Door Readers

Biometric readers can be used instead of card readers or mobile credentials to open a door. They identify a human characteristic, such as your face or fingerprint, and are much more secure than standard card credentials. Card credentials can be stolen, lost, or given to another person, while a biological factor is linked to only one person.

There are several types of door readers that can read biological characteristics. They include fingerprint, facial recognition, finger-vein, and palm readers.

Apartment Intercoms Increase Safety

One of the latest visitor management systems uses intercoms that allow the visitor to contact a resident or a Security Center.

Door Control Using Intercoms
Door Control Using Intercoms

Apartment Intercoms

An apartment intercom is an intelligent panel with a touchscreen that allows a guest in the lobby to talk to a person living in a multi-tenant facility. This wireless IP intercom panel provides audio and video communication to the tenants.

These touch panels are mounted in the lobby and attached to the network. They also include a door relay that can release the electric lock at the door. Since the intercom connects to the tenants through your WiFi or cellphone network, it is very easy to install.

Intercoms for Controlling Service Personnel  

If the apartment complex has a central security service, intercoms can be used to grant maintenance and delivery persons entry. The security center can be contacted using the Apartment Intercom or by placing intercoms at other entry points.

The intercoms can be audio only, audio plus camera, or utilize a separate IP camera system. It’s a flexible, easy-to-implement solution that helps control visitors at all the entry points. To learn more, read our article, IP Intercoms for Controlling the Door.

Control the Elevators in Apartment Houses

An elevator access control system consists of a credential reader in the cab and a controller box that is usually located in the elevator control room.

The access control system determines the floors that can be reached based on the door access control credential.  For example, all the accountants who work on the 5th floor can reach that floor but cannot go to the IT department on the 3rd floor.  Floors that contain general areas, such as the cafeteria or fitness center, would typically be available to everyone.

The access control software can be programmed to allow certain people to go to specific floors on specific days and times. Executives can go to any floor at any time.

Elevator Access Control
Elevator Access Control

IP Camera Systems Provide Increased Security

Access control systems are often paired with surveillance systems, including IP camera systems, to monitor who enters and out of the building. This can help identify unauthorized visitors or suspicious activity. These surveillance systems can also provide notification of dangerous situations.

AI-enhanced camera systems provide an additional level of security. These intelligent camera systems can detect if a person is carrying a gun or has fallen. It can alert security if it detects aggressive behavior such as fighting. The system automatically contacts security whenever security breaches are detected.

Access Control Increases Safety in Multi-tenant Buildings

Access control in apartment houses increases safety by regulating who can enter. They provide control of building entry and who can enter each apartment. Intercoms add additional safety by controlling guests, maintenance, and delivery persons.

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