IP Intercoms for Controlling the Door

IP Intercoms Are Used for Visitor Control

Intercoms for Door Control
Intercoms for Door Control

With all the scary news about disturbed people entering organizations, we have been tasked to improve security. IP Intercoms can make this job more manageable. We use door access control to allow entry of the people we know, but intercoms are essential for monitoring visitors. IP camera systems increase the security at the doors by enabling the security person to see who is at the door. All these systems work together to create a more secure environment.

This article focuses on how IP intercoms are used to handle visitors.

IP Intercoms are Part of an Integrated Security System

We can create a holistic security system by integrating door access control and IP camera systems with intercoms. The objective of the holistic security method is to provide a continuous level of protection across the organization’s networks, software, community, and physical environment.

How IP Intercoms Work

The IP intercom attaches to the network and uses Power over Ethernet (PoE). They use an audio protocol like VoIP SIP that makes them compatible with VoIP phones. These industrial intercoms include a door relay that controls the electric lock. The robust relay can handle the current and voltage required by almost all types of electric locks.

Woman at the Door
Woman at the Door

The call button on the intercom notifies the person inside that someone is at the door. In most cases, this call is answered on your Windows computer. Special audio management software manages intercoms and can also be used for making paging announcements.

The latest network-attached IP intercoms use the network infrastructure and are easier to install than the older analog intercom systems. Read, How Network Attached Amplifiers and IP Intercoms Work to learn more.

Audio Intercoms

Audio intercoms have been around for many years. The first intercoms were developed in the late 1800s. They used speaking tubes to talk to other people in the building. In the 1970s, analog intercoms were used to communicate around the organization. Digital IP intercoms that attach to the network were made available in the 1990s. It made installing intercoms around schools, offices, and hospitals much easier. Please look at the Buyers Guide for IP Intercoms to learn more about intercoms.

Cartoon Intercoms for Access
Intercoms for Door Access

These IP intercoms are excellent for monitoring visitors, but IP intercoms with video are safer. They allow the designated security person to talk to the visitor and decide about opening the door.

Video Intercoms

IP intercoms that include video add another level of security by allowing the user to see the visitor. Two solutions are available.

  1. An Intercom system with a separate IP camera uses audio management software to provide integrated video.
  2. An IP intercom with a built-in camera uses Video Management Software to see and hear the person at the door.

Intercoms with a separate IP Camera

The IP intercom is placed at the door and connected to the network. It is powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet). The call button on the intercom is used to notify the security personnel. Audio software is used to manage the intercoms on the network.

The audio management software also includes a video option. Any nearby IP camera can be assigned to the intercom so that when the visitor requests entry, the safety person can also see who is at the door.

Benefit: Since the IP camera can view a large area around the door, the security person can see if other people are loitering near the entrance.

Intercoms with a Built-in Camera

There are audio protocols and video protocols, and the combination video-intercoms use both to communicate. Video management software (VMS) controls these IP intercoms and allows the security person to see who is at the door and talk to them.

These systems work reliably when the intercom and the receiving computer are on the same network. Some VMS will also provide communication to a smartphone. They can sometimes be configured to work on the cellular network, but this is not as reliable as being on the local WiFi network.  

Benefit: It is easy to install and doesn’t require an IP camera system to implement the door control.  

Apartment Intercoms

Apartment Touch-Screen Intercom
Apartment Touch-Screen Intercom

Intercoms for apartment and multi-tenant organizations are designed differently than individual intercoms. These apartment intercoms allow the visitor to select the person in the building that they would like to talk to. The apartment intercom is located in the lobby or at the front entrance of a building.

The intercom’s touchscreen provides a list of all the people or departments in the facility. It allows you to contact the resident’s smartphone or standard phone to request entry into the building.

When someone selects your name or department, the mobile App starts automatically, and a real-time picture of your visitor appears on your smartphone’s screen.  Press the door release button on your mobile device if you want to let them in the door.

Since the apartment intercom connects to the network and communicates over a wireless network, it is easy to install.

Benefit: This is an easy-to-install system because it uses wireless connections. It is also the best way to replace an old analog apartment intercom.

Summary of Intercoms for Door Access Control

Intercoms used at the door are essential for maintaining security in many organizations. When video is added to the audio intercom, it provides increased protection. The intercoms are easy to install because they are connected to a network drop with PoE. Some intercoms use separate IP cameras, and others include built-in cameras. The apartment intercom controls visitors in multi-tenant organizations.

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