Benefits of a Door Access Control System

Why Purchase an IP Access Control System?

Access Control Decisions
Access Control Decisions

When we need to make an access control purchasing decision, we are motivated by many different factors. Maybe we recognize that there are increasing threats to the organization, or maybe it’s because something already happened.  Maybe there was an intruder, or an unauthorized person entered the computer room, or maybe some inventory was stolen from the warehouse.

This article describes some of the benefits of IP access control systems and why it is a justifiable investment.

Return-On-Investment Decisions

In our personal lives, we may make a spur-of-the-moment decision to buy something, but In business, we try to make the best purchasing decisions; after all, we are trying to make sure we can justify the purchase. One of the key motivators in business is the return-on-investment (ROI). We will invest in marketing if it increases sales. We will purchase new machinery if it increases production. We will select the access control system if it meets our security requirements.

Here are some reasons to make the access control decision.

Protect your Employees – IP Access Control provides a safe working environment

Sometimes these spending decisions can be complicated. Do we really need to improve working conditions or safety? The Industrial Revolution in 1760 created changes that included a shift of the population from the farms to the factories where workers were subjected to dangerous and difficult working conditions. It took many years to realize that people were more productive when they were safe and treated fairly.

ROI: Access control allows the right people to enter and keeps out those who shouldn’t be there. This keeps your employees safe.

Safety is a Good ROI

Access Control Protection
Access Control Protection

The investment in workers’ safety and security has been recognized as a good investment, resulting in improved profits.

ROI: We certainly don’t want disruptions caused by non-authorized visitors disturbing the employees. There have been too many deadly incidents mentioned in the news.

Wireless Lobby Intercoms Add Security

Intercoms that are similar to the ones used in apartment houses are used in large business organizations. The new wireless intercom allows you to contact the people in the organization to request entry into the building. The lobby intercom display provides a list of all the people in the facility.

ROI: A lobby intercom can be used instead of hiring staff, saving you money.

Access Control and Health

The COVID pandemic has taught us that we need to be aware of how disease can be transmitted and take proactive measures to keep everyone healthy. The new temperature screening panels with face recognition help us improve safety.

ROI:  Healthy workers are more productive and require less sick time.

Access Control Systems Restrict Unauthorized Access & Reduce Theft

By controlling who has access to where and at what time, we can protect the organization’s assets. IP door access control monitors who enter the storage rooms, computer room, laboratory, and parking garage ensure that everything is kept secure.

For example, within a university, you might have different departments with specialized and potentially dangerous assets, such as hazardous chemicals. For this, you want to know your business has role-based access. Ensuring only people with the right skills and authority can get hold of credentials related to specialized assets helps protect your employees and the organization’s property. 

ROI: Reduction in theft and insurance costs

Customize Individual Schedules

The access control management software allows you to set up time schedules for employees, short-term access for cleaners, or restrict certain areas. 

ROI: Schedules provide control and management of your facility. If there is a problem, the access history can be reviewed so you can discover issues during specific periods.  

Schedule Door Access
Schedule Door Access

Provide Remote Access Control

Does a contractor need to access the building, but no one is on-site to let them in? You can provide access to your site remotely, and you always know who is coming and going.  The new access control systems include mobile apps that allow you to control the doors when you aren’t at the facility.

ROI: Saves time and provides more convenient control of entry to your organization.

Access Control and Electronic Visitor, History Logging & Employee Reports

The management software logs and records every door entry and provides historical reports.

ROI: These door-entry reports allow you to see who is where in your building in case of an emergency. The log can also determine when a person entered a specific location in the building.

Meet the Regulations in Healthcare

Access control helps you meet HIPPA regulations. The systems provide data confidentiality, limits access to medication in Doctor’s office and protect insurance documents.    

ROI: By using access control systems to regulate who can go inside the medical facility, you meet the HIPPA regulations.  The access control system can limit access to biochemical waste or dangerous chemicals, thus reducing insurance costs.

Justification of Access Control Summary

Access control provides many benefits that help the organization save money and improve profitability. There is a significant return on investment when the employees are safe and happy. Not only does access control keep the wrong people out, but it also maintains a record of the people at work, reduces loss of inventory and equipment, manages visitors, and allows door control from remote locations.

For help selecting the right access control system, please read our article, What is the Best Access Control System.

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