The Best Camera Video Recording System

Comparison of Video Recording Systems
Video Recording System Comparison

The IP recording and management system is a crucial part of your IP camera system. If you select the wrong solution, you could find yourself without the critical video evidence you need when an incident occurs, or worse still, your security could be breached, and safety threatened because your surveillance system didn’t provide an alarm. 

We compared several video recording solutions. The best video recording and management system depends on your objectives. There are two types of recording systems for IP camera systems to consider. Each one provides some unique capability.  

Video Management Software (VMS) 

There are several types of VMS software that runs on your Windows computer and can be scaled to any size of IP camera system. 

Network Video Recorder (NVR) 

This video recording system is a complete solution that includes the computer and software. 

Video Management Software (VMS) 


Ocularis 5 Video Management Software (VMS) provides a range of solutions. You can support small numbers of cameras or thousands of cameras located at multiple locations and multiple servers. This software runs on a Windows platform. The client software runs on as many computers as required and allows you to view any camera or set of cameras from any of the recording servers. 


  • This is a very flexible system that supports large number of camera manufacturers
  • It provides a range of solutions from medium to very large IP camera systems at multiple locations. 
  • Includes excellent alert notification including “push video” to selected consoles. 
  • Includes many powerful search and retrieval tools. 
  • Includes customizable video displays and alert notifications. 
  • Ocularis 5 supports edge recording at the cameras. 
  • Supports two-way audio and intercoms. 


  • This is a complex solution. The flexibility leads to complexity of installation and use, so some training may be required. 
  • Clients only run on Windows platforms 
  • Requires support contract 

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WAVE from Hanwha 

WAVE Video Mangement and Recording System
WAVE Video Management and Recording System

This video management software is extremely easy to use yet it has some very powerful features. It not only supports the Hanwha cameras, it also supports IP cameras that conform to OnVIF, and today this means almost all other cameras. 


  • The client software runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile smartphone clients making it a very flexible solution
  • The software is excellent when you require real-time notification and automated responses to alarms. 
  • The software Includes many powerful search and retrieval tools. 
  • The system Includes Events and Rules Engine that allows you to establish output actions based on detected inputs. 
  • Supports OnVIF and Hanwha cameras 
  • A good mobile client that runs on smartphones. 
  • Supports multiple servers that can be easily merged to create a large surveillance system 


  • Relies on intelligent cameras to provide analytic video alarms  
  • Though there is a robust client app, the web browser interface is limited.  

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Network Video Recorders (NVR) 

The Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a complete system, that includes everything you need to record the video from IP cameras on your network. The NVR is simpler to install than the video software systems (VMS). 

Exact NVR Systems 

Exacq has a very large number of NVR choices. The servers support up to 128 cameras.  

Exacq has a very large number of NVR choices. The servers support up to 128 cameras.  



  • This is a flexible system that allows for expansion.  
  • You can select systems that support 16 cameras or up to 128 cameras.  
  •  Video Management Software has many functions and features that make it a very powerful tool.  
  • The server runs on a Windows or Linux platform.  
  • You can add camera licenses and storage to these flexible NVRs.  
  • Multiple servers can work together to create an IP camera system with thousands of cameras. 


  • Complicated to increase capacity and performance 
  • Expensive solution 
  • Support contract required 

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The WAVE VMS is available in a powerful computer system that provides support for hundreds of cameras.  


  • Provides easy expansion by adding additional NVRs 
  • Includes Event Rules that provide realtime notifications of alarms 
  • Can select the NVR depending on the number of cameras to be supported 
  • Supports Hanwha and OnVIF cameras 
  • WAVE Sync 

A cloud-based service that enables simple, centralized remote access and insight into any Wisenet WAVE system. 

  • Client support: Windows, Linux, and Apple-OS 


  • Though there is a very powerful client app, the web browser interface is limited. 

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Summary of Video Recording Systems 

There are several ways to record the video from your IP camera system. These recording systems also manage the IP cameras and provide notification of detected alarm conditions. The latest video recording and management systems include intelligence that provides alarms that increase your safety and security.  

The Ocularis solution is the most sophisticated while the WAVE VMS provides excellent performance and is very easy to use. 

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