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The Best Camera Video Recording System

Comparison of Video Recording Systems
Video Recording System Comparison

The IP recording and management system is a crucial part of your IP camera system. If you select the wrong solution, you could find yourself without the critical video evidence you need when an incident occurs, or worse still, your security could be breached, and safety threatened because your surveillance system didn’t provide an alarm. 

We compared several video recording solutions. The best video recording and management system depends on your objectives. There are two types of recording systems for IP camera systems to consider. Each one provides some unique capability.  

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How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Facial recognition systems are now available as part of video recording software systems.

The Technology for Facial Recognition

Facial recognition

There are two primary methods for capturing and matching facial information.

The first measures various features of a person’s face, such as the distance between the eyes, or the position of the mouth to the nose.  These geometric measurements or vectors are then stored in a database for later comparison.

The second method is far more complex.  It captures the full facial image and uses as much information as it can. It then uses various computer algorithms, including machine learning, to build a set of definition data.  This statistical database increases the reliability, as well as the cost of the system. 

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