Detecting Threats using AI and IP Camera Systems

IP Camera Software with Enhanced Narrow Artificial Intelligence

AI and IP Camera Systems
AI and IP Camera Systems

Today we face increased gun violence that threatens our schools, places of worship, businesses, and government offices. But what if we could detect tragedies before they happen? The latest AI software can be used in IP video surveillance systems to automatically detect anomalies, suspicious activities, or objects of interest, enhancing security and enabling faster response to potential threats. It helps to stop violent actions before they happen.

This article describes how the latest  AI software can help increase safety by analyzing many threats, such as detecting a person with a gun entering your facility, or notifying security if someone falls.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad term that ranges from limited or narrow intelligence (ANI) to Super Artificial Intelligence (ASI).

There are three primary levels of AI

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): ANI is the most basic level of AI. It is designed to perform a specific task, such as playing chess or Go. ANI systems are typically very good at their particular job but can only do that one thing.
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): AGI is a hypothetical level of AI that can perform any intellectual task that a human can. AGI systems would be able to learn, reason, and solve problems in a way that is indistinguishable from humans. AGI is still a long way off, but it is a goal many AI researchers are working towards.
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): ASI is a hypothetical level of AI that would be even more intelligent than AGI. ASI systems would be able to surpass human intelligence in every way, including creativity, problem-solving, and even emotion. ASI is a very speculative concept, and it is unclear if it is even possible to create such a system.

Threat Detection Overview

 The AI-enhanced Software provides the following functions:

  • Object Detection
  • Anomaly Detection and Behavior Recognition
  • Thermal Screening
  • Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Protection
  • Drone Security

The purpose of the software system is to enhance and augment the effectiveness of security personnel. It reduces the response time of security units in an emergency. We know that every second can play a decisive role in saving lives. The software integrates with IP camera systems to create a complete security threat alert system.

How the Intelligent IP Camera Software Works

AI Software Detects Threats
AI Software Detects Threats

AI-enhanced Software uses Narrow Artificial Intelligence to analyze data coming from IP cameras. It then processes the acquired data to generate meaningful information about the activity contained in the video stream. AI-enhanced Software detects potential threats posed by a suspect’s actions or from vehicles.

The AI-enhanced Software software uses biometric identification of individuals to search, identify and track suspects continuously. It can locate the most wanted individuals, registered sex offenders, and missing persons nationwide.

The analytic software analyzes the collected data and distributes alerts to the law enforcement response units through the web and mobile channels. It provides information about the threat, location, and the suspect’s identity.

Summary of Capability

The AI software helps prevent acts of terrorism by tracking movements and identifying rogue activities and individuals. It can detect the use of suspicious items, including but not limited to different weapon types, track and alert on cargo movements, unattended bags, etc.

Object Detection includes the identification and classification of objects. It enables Intrusion Detection, Occupancy, Counting, Smart Parking, Intelligent Traffic Management, and Thermal Screening. This engine also uses smart targeting.

Action Detection is used for solutions like Fight/Violence/Assault detection, Smoke and Fire detection, Slip and Fall detection, Detection of Suspicious Shopping Behavior that may result in shoplifting, etc.

Threat Detection: The Fusion of “Object” and “Action” Detection triggers Threat Detection. The combination of object (such as a weapon) detection and also the handling of it (action) generates the threat alert.

Mobile Applications for Threat Alert

The threat alert software can analyze video feeds from mobile camera systems. The mobile video capability can be used in Unmanned Vehicle (UAV) or body-worn cameras. This allows the monitoring of peripheral activity and helps apprehend criminals.

The IP Camera System Integration

The IP camera system is an essential part of threat analysis and detection. The IP cameras must be carefully positioned to see areas of interest with enough clarity so the processing software can use them. There are two aspects to this positioning. The first is to view places where you expect people, and the second is to ensure that the video captured is at the correct resolution for the processing software.

The AI software requires a minimum resolution to identify the significant area of interest. For example, it requires a minimum resolution across the target to identify a person’s face or a license plate.

Intelligent IP Camera
Intelligent IP Camera

Artificial intelligence can be added to existing surveillance systems to provide immediate notification of many dangerous situations. It can detect if someone falls, to a person entering the premises with a gun.

Resolution Required for Face Recognition

The resolution required to identify a person depends on several factors, including the lighting conditions. We can identify someone we know based on their face, what they wear, and how they move. More resolution is required to recognize someone you don’t know. This is considered forensic picture quality. Automated facial recognition systems usually need more resolution to make a reliable comparison with a stored image. For successful recognition, many computerized systems require about 50 to 60 pixels across the face, which equates to about 120 pixels/ft. If the subject is in the dark, noise in the camera system can make recognition more difficult. In this case, we suggest at least 180 pixels/ft. To learn more, see our article What IP Camera Resolution Do You Need?

Resolution Required for Vehicle and License Recognition

We require about 12 pixels across the target character to recognize an alphanumeric.  The letters on a license plate are one ft. high, so we need at least 12 pixels/ft. to identify the lettering.  Since some applications have unclear alphanumeric characters because of font, upper and lower case, or dirty letters, we suggest using at least 15 pixels across the alphanumeric (or 15 pixels per foot).

Connect the Cameras

AI-enhanced Software provides a module for selecting and attaching each camera to the system. This integration ensures that the important video can be integrated into the AI analytic software.

Summary for Detecting Threats with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become smart enough to alert security before threats become a disaster. The IP camera system must be installed correctly to ensure the proper operation of the analytic software. Once everything is installed, the system detects threats, such as a person entering the facility carrying a gun.

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