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PoE for Network-Attached Devices

Door Access Control, IP Camera Systems, IP PA Systems use PoE

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the easiest way to provide power to many network-attached devices such as IP camerasdoor access control systems, and IP paging and Intercom systems.

The network cable transfers both data and power to the device, making installation very simple.  The network cable includes up to eight wires. The data uses one set of wires, while the power uses another set of wires in the network cable.

This article describes how access control systems, IP Camera Systems, and IP paging systems utilize power over Ethernet (PoE)

Network-Attached Devices Ilustration
Network-Attached Devices Illustration
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IP Camera System Installation

How to Save Money Installing the IP Camera System

IP Camera Installation
IP Camera Installation

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was easier to install IP cameras? After all, installation is a big part of the expense of an IP camera system.  Some manufacturers provide IP cameras that are designed for easy installation. They thought about everything from how the cameras are placed in the box to the software tools that help with the final installation process. The installation time makes a big difference in the total cost of an IP camera system installation.

This article reviews the things that are part of an IP Camera system installation. We review the packaging, remote setup capability, and software management tools that reduce the time to install your IP camera system.

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IP Camera Systems – Professional Versus Consumer Systems

Comparison of Professional IP Camera Systems and Home Camera Systems, What’s the difference?

IP Camera Systems Search

If you do a search for IP camera systems, you may see low-cost IP cameras advertised by Amazon, Costco, BestBuy, and other consumer sellers. You can find IP cameras starting at under $40, but are these IP cameras right for your business, school, hospital, government organization, or commercial organization?

The answer is no.

They are not designed for professional applications.  One of the most important things to understand is that commercial IP camera systems are “systems.” The professional IP camera system consists of an IP camera, video recording system, and infrastructure that includes the network, video management software, and display system. The consumer surveillance camera is primarily only a “camera.” The following article compares the difference between consumer type IP camera systems and commercial type IP camera systems.

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IP Camera Systems – The Complete Reference Guide

Everything you wanted to know about IP camera systems

So you would like to purchase an IP camera system. You may have some idea about your goals. But, are those expectations realistic?

The more you know about the capability of the IP camera system, the better you can select the system that meets your expectations.

This technical summary provides the information you need to make an informed purchase of your IP camera system.

Access Control IP Camera Concept
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How to Increase Security in an Apartment Building

Apartment Building Technology for Security

wall protection apartment homes illustration

Network attached security devices can provide walls of defense that increase safety in apartment buildings. Security can be provided by a number of different IP technologies such as door access control, IP camera systems, and IP intercoms and paging systems. Much like the walls of a castle, they provide increased safety and security.

Here is a summary of the lines of defense established by security technology:

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What is the Best Camera for IP Camera Systems

Comparison of Surveillance Cameras for Your IP Camera Systems

Comparison of IP Cameras

To determine the best surveillance camera, you must first understand your objectives.  The purposes of your surveillance system include increased safety, reduced theft, improved productivity, or reducing liability. It also includes how quickly you need to be notified of an alarm condition.

Do you want to know when a person steals the laptop from the desk or leaves an unattended package, or do you need to record what happens in the parking lot?

This comparison of IP cameras focuses on the cameras. The camera is only one part of the IP camera system. The complete surveillance system includes a video recording and management system, network switches, and video storage system.

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Thermal versus Optical IP Cameras

Applications for Thermal and Optical IP Camera Systems

Thermal and optical IP cameras use different technologies to capture video. Each type of camera system provides a unique role in an IP video surveillance system. Systems that combine thermal and optical cameras provide a synergistic solution for long-range surveillance.

long-range camera Fantasy World
Long-Range Camera Concept

Thermal cameras are better for night viewing since they don’t require any light. The optical IP cameras require daylight or illumination at night and are best for identifying details such as a person’s face or a license plate number. This article describes when to use these camera systems.

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Real-Time IP Camera Systems

How to create a real-time IP camera system

guard in dark hallway

It was a dark and threatening day. Thunder could be heard in the distance. Fog blanketed the building, weakening the remaining daylight. Strange sounds were heard in the basement, and the security center was called to investigate.

The guard walks anxiously along a dark and long hallway. As he turns the corner, he is suddenly confronted by…

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Why Can’t I Recognize a Person With My IP Camera?

What Type of Camera Do I Need?

By Bob Mesnik

IP Camera Resolution Required

There was a break-in at your warehouse, but, you were prepared. Last month you installed a complete IP camera system.  Now you have evidence you can share with the police.

Uh oh! You can’t identify their faces. There are two people in the warehouse, but you can’t tell who they are. Ugh!  What did you do wrong?  You have just discovered that having a surveillance camera, is not enough.  You have to have the right resolution camera and the right lens.

This article reviews what you need to assure you meet your security objective.

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IP Video and Door Access or POS Integration

Review of the methods for integrating IP Camera systems with IP door access or digital point of sale systems

By Bob Mesnik

C2P Convergence Concept
C2P Convergence Concept

What’s next for Video Recording Systems?  IP Camera manufacturers and third party companies such as OnSSI, Milestone, Axis, Exacq, and others have been providing software and NVR recording systems for many years.  All these systems provide basic video recording functionality.  How can the functionality and value of these recording systems be increased?  

We reviewed a number of different systems and found that the next generation of video management systems (VMS) is already here.  

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