History of Kintronics

Kintronics is Forty!

Kintronics was founded May, 1977.  The Kintronics history is one of change.  Over the years, we constantly reinvented ourselves to assure that we were providing the right technology products to the market.

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Kintronics Security Technology

In the beginning, we were a small regional distributor providing electronic components such as relays, power supplies, and monitors. In 1989 we hired a more technical staff, and our business model changed.  We started selling complete systems such as CD-ROM drives and CD-recorders to schools and libraries. We provided a high level of technical support, and service. As technology changed, so did the products we offered. The CD-ROM drives became network attached CD-ROM servers, and in 1990 we added optical disc libraries from Panasonic that automated archiving of computer data.

In 1997, Kintronics was one of the first system solution companies to offer IP camera systems. The Axis IP cameras started the trend towards complete network attached security systems. In a few years, other companies such as Mobotix, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung joined the transition from analog to IP cameras. Kintronics participated in this revolution, providing complete IP surveillance system solutions. In 2004, our solutions included video recording systems from OnSSI.  We were one of the first integrators to provide this advanced video management software. We now provide other video recording solutions such as Network Video Recorders (NVR), and cloud recording systems for IP camera surveillance.

The digital revolution continued over the next few years. By 2007, network attached amplifiers and intercoms were introduced by Digital Acoustics. IP Intercoms and PA over IP made it much easier for organizations to install paging systems.

In 2009, Isonas introduced the network attached IP door access control readers. Kintronics was one of the early providers of this technology.  We introduced integrated solutions that not only included door access control, but also intercoms and IP camera systems. The advantage of the IP door reader is that it doesn’t require a central control box. Everything is attached to the network making it much easier to install an access control system.

New products continued to be introduced. In 2009, long-range day/night cameras were introduced.  The latest long range camera systems can view people over two miles away. They include optical or thermal cameras as well as laser illuminators.

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The latest biometric door access control readers use your fingerprint, face, or finger-vein biometrics to assure the right person is entering the door. Biometric readers that identify the person rather than the card credential they carry, were introduced in 2011. It made door access control much more secure.

So Kintronics has been in business for forty years. Our products continue to change, yet our business model stays the same.  We provide complete solutions at the very best prices. Our staff includes engineers and system integrators who have the experience and expertise to help our customers select the best products for their application. We know that one system doesn’t fit all; each system is designed to fit exactly what they need. For more about what Kintronics offers go to our page About Kintronics.

Contact Kintronics for help designing your system. We can be reached in the USA at 800-431-1658. Or at 914-944-3425 everywhere else, or use our contact form.