How to Determine the Best Door Access Control System

How to Choose the Best Access Control System

Selecting the Right Access Control System
Selecting the Right Access Control System

Many factors can influence your decision about the type of access control system you should get. Your best door access control system will depend on your needs and requirements. This article reviews the some factors to consider and provides a comparison of popular access control systems.

Determine Your Objectives for Your Access Control System

Size of your business: 

You may only need a simple system with a few doors if you have a small business. You may need a more complex system with more features if you have a larger business with multiple locations.

Security needs: 

How important is security to you? If you need a high level of protection, you will need a system with biometric or multi-factor authentication, passback control, elevator control, or smartphone mobile credentials. If security is not as important to you, you may get away with a simpler system that just card or key fob access.

Door Reader Scalability:

Consider whether the system can easily expand to accommodate more doors and users as your needs grow. Some systems make it easy to start with one door reader and incrementally add additional doors.

Integration of Access Control and Other Security Systems:

Intercoms for Access Control
Intercoms for Access Control

Check if the access control system can integrate with other security and building management systems, such as IP camera systems, alarms, intercoms, and visitor management software.

Access Control Management Software Should be User-Friendly:

Look for an access control system with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for administrators to manage access permissions, users, and access logs.

Remote Management:

Consider systems that offer remote management capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor and manage access from anywhere.

Reliability and Support:

Look for a reputable brand with a track record of reliability, and ensure they provide good customer support and warranty options.

It is best to consult with security equipment experts like Kintronics to find the best access control system for your specific needs.

Pros and Cons of Access Control Systems

Best Value for Access Control
Best Value for Access Control

Here are some of the most popular door access control systems on the market:

Isonas from Allegion

The Isonas Access Control is a cloud-based door access control system that is easy to use and affordable. It offers a variety of features, including a combined reader and controller, Bluetooth mobile credentials (smartphone), cloud-based management software, and remote access. The reader controllers are powered over Ethernet (PoE), so installation is very easy.

Pros: Uses a combined reader and controller unit that is powered over Ethernet (PoE). You can start with a single unit and easily add readers as required. Is easy to install and provides basic access control functions. It supports mobile credentials (smartphone). Uses a cloud-based management system that can be managed from your smartphone.

Cons: It does not provide elevator control or integration with other security systems. It doesn’t support biometric readers.

Hartmann Access Control

The Hartmann Access Control System is a more sophisticated door access control system. This flexible system allows you to start with a single door and grow to an enterprise access control system. It is easy to install and use, and it offers a variety of features, including a choice of door readers, biometric readers, and smartphone credentials. The sophisticated access control system includes elevator control and integration with several IP camera systems.

Pros: This is an enterprise-type access control system with advanced functionality. It includes a large selection of door readers that attach to a controller at the door. The controller uses PoE, which makes it very easy to install. It is easily integrated with IP Camera Systems and includes elevator controls. It supports many security features including anti-passback,

Cons: It doesn’t support biometric readers. It includes an optional cloud-based management system designed for simple operations and requires an on-site license for full access control management capabilities.

Kintronics Biometric Access Control

The biometric reader controllers are very secure. There is a choice of fingerprint, facial, palm, and finger-vein readers. The latest face and palm recognition door readers provide improved security and offer the health benefits of touchless door entry.   

Pros: Provides several types of biometric readers such as fingerprint, finger-vein, face, and palm readers.

Cons: Doesn’t support mobile credentials or integration with IP Camera Surveillance systems.

No matter what your needs are, there is a door access control system that is perfect for you. Research, talk to security experts like Kintronics, and compare different systems before purchasing.

What is the Best Access Control System Summary

The article discusses choosing the best door access control system based on specific needs and requirements. Factors to consider include the size of the business, security needs, system scalability, integration capabilities, user-friendly management software, remote management options, reliability, and customer support. It suggests consulting security equipment experts for guidance. It also mentions some popular access control systems on the market, such as Isonas, Hartmann, and Kintronics Biometric Access Control, each with various features and suitability for different needs. The best door access control system depends on your objectives, budget, and security requirements.

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