Advantages of Video Intercoms

Video Intercoms Increase Security

Video Intercoms
Video Intercoms

Video intercoms connect to the network and are powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet.) These enhanced intercoms add the additional security of seeing the person at the door. They communicate to an app on your smartphone or a PC running VMS software.

This article describes the benefits of video intercoms.

Types of Video Intercoms

There are several varieties of video intercoms. Some use analog connections between an external and internal intercom device, while the latest use digital IP connections. There are single-station intercoms that connect to a central station. And multi-user intercoms, such as apartment intercoms, that provide connections to many people.

Single-Door Intercom

The single-door unit provides a many-to-one type of connection. They communicate with a central security station. For example, these intercoms are used at entry points to monitor and control visitor entry.

The IP intercom with video is a two-way audio device with an IP camera and door relay. It attaches to the network and is powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet. These enhanced intercoms add the additional security of seeing the person at the door. They communicate to an app on your smartphone or a PC running VMS software. Learn more…

Apartment Intercom

Apartment Intercom
Apartment Intercom

An apartment intercom is a one-to-many type intercom system. It includes an intelligent panel with a touchscreen that allows the user to talk to a person living or working in a multi-tenant facility. This IP intercom panel provides wireless audio and video communication to the tenants.

The new systems have large LCD screens that allow you to see a list of the residents in the building. The intercom panel also includes a camera so the tenant can see and hear the visitor at the door. These video intercom systems are used in offices, hospitals, and other large multi-tenant organizations.

IP Apartment intercoms (or Multi-Tenant Intercoms) provide clear, high-quality audio and video communication between residents and visitors. Digital signals over IP networks ensure reliable and uninterrupted communication, minimizing disturbances and misunderstandings.

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Advantages of the Video Intercoms:

An IP (Internet Protocol) video intercom system offers several advantages over traditional ones. Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced Security:

Video Intercoms Increase Security
Video Intercoms Increase Security

IP video intercoms provide visual identification of visitors before granting access. The video feed allows you to see and verify the identity of the person requesting entry, improving security and reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Since IP intercom systems can be used with IP camera systems, a properly placed set of cameras can provide situational awareness of areas near doorways. This ensures that no one is waiting out of sight to enter an opened door.

Remote Access:

You can view and interact with visitors remotely with an IP video intercom. Whether at home, in the office, or even on vacation, you can use your smartphone or computer to receive video calls, speak to visitors, and grant or deny access. This feature offers convenience and flexibility, allowing you to manage access to your property from anywhere.

Integration with Other Systems:

Video Intercoms Integrate With Other Security Systems
Video Intercoms Integrate With Other Security Systems

IP video intercoms can integrate with other security systems, such as IP cameras and access control systems. The integration enables a more comprehensive security solution, providing a unified management platform and enhancing overall effectiveness.

Since door access control can be integrated with video intercoms, registered personnel can enter the door while visitors can be manually controlled.

Increased Efficiency:

IP video intercoms streamline visitor management processes. You can handle it remotely instead of physically attending the door or gate to grant access. This saves time and effort, mainly when a security person manages multiple entry points during peak visitor periods.

Cost Savings:

IP-based systems eliminate the need for dedicated cabling since they utilize existing network infrastructure. Some video intercoms connect to the network, while others can use WiFi connections. The apartment intercom uses wireless connections to all the tenants, making installation easy. Additionally, remote management capabilities can reduce staffing requirements for on-site security personnel.

Integration with Paging Systems:

IP video intercoms can integrate with network-attached paging systems, enabling seamless communication with other devices and services.

Summary of Video Intercom Advantages

The advantages of video intercoms collectively improve security, convenience, and efficiency, making IP video intercoms popular for modern access control and visitor management systems.

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