How to Integrate Door Access and IP Camera Systems

The best way to integrate IP Video and IP door access systems

IP Door and Video Access systems concept

Door Access Control and IP Camera Systems provide security by themselves. When the two systems are integrated, they provide a higher level of security and safety.

There are some different ways to integrate cameras and door control systems.

There are proprietary systems that only support specific hardware, and there are non-proprietary system solutions that can use more general hardware. This article provides the pros and cons of the different methods for integrating these security systems.

Simple Non-Proprietary Access and Video Integration

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The simplest way to integrate an IP door control system and an IP system is to use the timestamps provided by the access control software and the video recording and management system.

In this example, an IP camera placed near the door can view people entering and leaving. When the door reader is triggered, the access control software records the time and person (credential) using the door. The same timestamp can then be entered into the video recording software to see the person using the door.

Pros: This is a non-proprietary solution. Any door access control system and any surveillance system can be used. It’s a very flexible solution.

Cons: Since it is not integrated, it takes more time to use. It also requires two applications running at the same time.

Integrated Proprietary Systems

Integrated solutions automatically associate a specific camera with a door.  Integrated systems are available from door access control manufacturers or video management software companies. The type of system depends on your requirement. For example, if you are primarily interested in door control, you would select the enhanced door access control system, but if you are primarily interested in a video surveillance system, then select the enhanced video management software solution.

For example, the Pro-Series door access control system includes video integration. When you use the TVIPTirSoft software, the video from an IP camera or an embedded camera inside the door reader can be displayed on the same computer screen as the access control information. Since the door access system includes a picture of the person assigned to the credential, it is easy to see if the right person entered the door.

The TVIPTirSoft software only supports the proprietary door readers. It is somewhat flexible in that it supports a few different IP camera manufacturers. This door access control system includes some door readers that include a built-in camera. You can use either a snapshot from these readers or an IP camera.

Pros: It provides a single display that shows the information about the person entering the door and the video snapshot or video stored when the person used the reader.  It uses a single software solution to manage and control the doors and the cameras.

Cons: This is only used to enhance the door access control system. It supports a limited number of manufacturers. It is not a general IP camera recording system.

Integrated Non-Proprietary System Solution

Access Control Integration
Access Control Integration

Maybe I should say that this is almost non-proprietary because you can use different access control and IP camera recording systems.

This solution uses a 3rd party software solution from Convergence to Pixels (C2P) to integrate video management software and Door Access.

The software works with OnSSI, Milestone, and other VMS solutions. It also works with Isonas, the Kintronics Pro-Series, and other access control systems.

The C2P software captures the data from the door access control system and enters it into a very powerful database. The information from the database can then be displayed next to the video provided by the video management software system.  This convergence of technology allows the user to search a database while displaying the related video.

One of the advantages is that this integrated solution can create complex alerts.  For example, if a person, who has been removed from the access control system, tries to enter a door, a notification is automatically sent to security.  We can also create alerts when the door is held open, or when a door is forced.  In this case, the video from the camera at the door is automatically popped up on the OnSSI Ocularis screen, and an alert sound notifies the security person that action is required.

Besides receiving alerts, the database provides much more powerful analytic tools. The security person can search for specific information such as; who entered after a certain time, or what person tried to enter using a bad badge, etc.  If you need to know who came in late, or when a specific door was used and who came in, the database can be displayed in a new window, and the search parameters can be entered.

Pros: This is a more open solution that integrates a number of different IP camera systems and Door Access Control systems., You can use almost any IP camera. It provides enhanced search and retrieval functions including boolean search terms such as “contains,” and “equal to,” so you can search for partial names related to a certain door, while also searching to a specific time and date. It makes it very easy to find what you need.

Cons: This solution is more complicated to install and use. It costs more because there is an additional software license for the C2P integration software.


IP camera systems and door access control can be integrated in different ways. The simplest and most flexible solution uses timestamps to determine who entered, a certain door at a specific time. Some video management software provides optional integration with some door access control systems. There are some door access control systems that include IP camera support. These systems are usually proprietary systems that require the use of specific hardware and software. The most flexible solution uses special software from C2P to provide the integration.

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