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What is the Best Access Control System?

The best access control is defined by your objectives

What is the best access control? It depends on your requirements. To determine your requirements, you should answer the following questions:

  1. Are your doors inside or outside?
  2. Do you want to control the floor an elevator goes to?
  3. Do you want to integrate access control with an IP camera system?
  4. What type of electric locks do you need?
  5. What type of access control credentials do you want?

The following article describes the way each access control system handles the answers to these questions.

Access Control Decision
Access Control Decision

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How Access Control Management Software Works

What is the Best Access Control Management Software

Door access management software is an essential part of your access control system. It allows you to manage the door readers in your organization, enter credentials for each person, and manage all the people who will use the doors.

Most of the access management software available provides simple door reader management. You can control who, when, and where people can enter. What else do you need? It depends on your requirements.

Additional features will allow you to determine who is in the building, manage the system using your mobile device, lockdown the building in an emergency, and many other features. Here is a review of some of the things you may want to consider when you select your door access control system.

Access Control Management Software Concept
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IP Door Access Systems Wiring

Comparison of The Topography of Access Control Systems

access control central box concept illustration

Access control systems used to be very complicated and difficult to wire.  The early access systems used a central control box that connected to all the doors. The wiring was complex and expensive to install.

The latest access control solutions bring all the control functions to the door. This makes it easier to install, and simpler to expand. There are several systems that connect to the network but have different wiring schemes.

We compared the different access control systems and the benefits and disadvantages of each system configuration.

This article compares four types of door control systems. They all use access control management software that runs on your Windows computer. We provided the pros and cons of the different wiring topographies.

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Mobile Credentials the New Key for Door Access Control

Mobile phones are the new Credential

mobile credential door access illustration

Have we reached the tipping point? Will our smartphones become our new door key? It all depends on the number of smartphones in the population. One survey indicates that 81% of the US population owns a smartphone. As the percentage increases, there will be enough smartphones to enable the use of mobile keys. It is quite likely that this will happen in the near future.

If everyone in your organization, apartment complex or school has a smartphone, you have reached the tipping point. You can use your smartphone as a mobile credential to open your doors.

Many smartphones use biometrics to unlock the phone. This security feature can make them more secure than carrying a card credential. This article describes how mobile credentials work in access control systems.

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Door Access Control – Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Door Access Questions and Answers

Door access control questions

Door access control systems provide security for business, school, government organizations. Access control has become more important as the need for improved safety has increased.

How does door access control work, what is the most secure access control system, and why do I need door access control management software are some of the questions and answers provided.

The following list of frequently asked questions is provided to help you learn more about the technology.

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How to Integrate Door Access and IP Camera Systems

The best way to integrate IP Video and IP door access systems

IP Door and Video Access systems concept

Door Access Control and IP Camera Systems provide security by themselves. When the two systems are integrated, they provide a higher level of security and safety.

There are some different ways to integrate cameras and door control systems.

There are proprietary systems that only support specific hardware, and there are non-proprietary system solutions that can use more general hardware. This article provides the pros and cons of the different methods for integrating these security systems.

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Security Provided by Access Control Systems

What You Can Do to Improve Security

With all the gun-related tragedies at schools and other facilities, what can we do to increase our security? Securing your facility, school, sporting events, or concerts have become more complicated.

Door Access Control Concept
Door Access Control Concept

IP camera systems used to be enough to monitor the facility, but today we want to do a lot more.  We want to prevent unauthorized access to our buildings, prevent people from bringing in weapons, and we want to provide campus-wide paging systems that keep everyone informed of any emergency.  

Access control systems include more than just a door reader. They can include intercoms, cameras and even walk-through metal detectors. Each of these security systems adds another level of safety. The different components play unique roles in your overall security. This article reviews the various parts and when to use them. It provides guidance about what technology to use and an overview of how they work.

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Access Control Software

Cloud Versus On Site License for Access Control

cloud-access control

Many software applications are offering cloud-based, subscription software rather than on-site (or on-premise) license software.  For example, Microsoft 365 and Adobe provide cloud-based, subscription plans. Recently Door Access Control software has become available in the cloud.

What exactly does this mean and what is better for you? The article compares the two methods and provides pros and cons that can help you decide what is best.

What is the difference between cloud and on premise software? On site software is the classic model of providing a perpetual license that allows you to run the software on your own computer.  Cloud software runs on a remote server and is provided under a monthly or yearly subscription plan.   For example, there is on premises door access software called Pure Access Manager The cloud application is called Pure Access Cloud.

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IP Video and Door Access or POS Integration

Review of the methods for integrating IP Camera systems with IP door access or digital point of sale systems

By Bob Mesnik

C2P Convergence Concept
C2P Convergence Concept

What’s next for Video Recording Systems?  IP Camera manufacturers and third party companies such as OnSSI, Milestone, Axis, Exacq, and others have been providing software and NVR recording systems for many years.  All these systems provide basic video recording functionality.  How can the functionality and value of these recording systems be increased?  

We reviewed a number of different systems and found that the next generation of video management systems (VMS) is already here.  

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How to Install an IP Door Access Control System

Multi-wire Access Control

IP Door Access Control Systems are easy to install and provide excellent flexibility, yet many people who are used to the older type systems have concerns about using them.  This article tries to take the mystery out of network attached door access control systems, and describes how very easy they are to install and use.

You will find that all the signals that were on multiple wires, are now encoded on the single Ethernet network cable. They are just as secure as the older technology. Here’s how they work and how to install them.

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