How to Integrate Door Control With Other IP Systems

computer network vms with camera

Door Control is much more than just a door reader

By Bob Mesnik

Door access control systems have become much more sophisticated, and easier to integrate with other security systems. These new IP door readers integrate with IP video systems, and IP intercoms, providing a much more secure environment.

The door access systems changed over 10 years ago with the introduction of IP door readers from Isonas.  These new readers dramatically lowered installation costs and made it much easier to self-install these systems.  This was a dramatic improvement over the older systems that used complex wiring harnesses to a central control panel.

There are new IP door readers that use cloud-based access control software.  Now you can manage your door access from your mobile device. The latest door readers not only read the RFID card credentials, but they also recognize your fingerprint or face.  They include multiple types of biometric keys that make them more reliable and secure. All these door access control systems can easily be integrated with IP camera systems and IP intercoms.  

Here is a summary of the latest developments in door access control and how it integrates with other systems.

IP Camera Systems Integrate with Door Control

IP cameras systems were introduced almost 20 years ago.  They replaced the older analog camera systems, and are now the primary surveillance camera technology.  In the last few years, door access control integrated with IP surveillance systems to provide a very effective way of viewing the doors and monitoring the people who entered.  This integration increased total security.

Access Control and IP Camera Integration
Access Control and IP Camera Integration

The latest integration of IP camera recording systems and door access control uses a database platform to dramatically enhance the capability of both systems.  Convergence to Pixels (C2P) database software captures the data from IP readers on the network.  The data can be displayed with the video captured by the video management software system.  For example, the Ocularis video management software platform integrates IP door access control system, or Point-of-Sales (POI) systems, as well as any other digital system into the video display.   This convergence of technology allows us to use the power of a database to search and order the data we have collected while displaying the related video.

IP Intercoms Integrate with Door Readers

IP intercoms were introduced over 15 years ago by Digital Acoustics. These network attached intercoms provided a system that was much easier to install than the older analog systems. The first IP intercom units were audio-only and allowed people at many locations around a facility to communicate to a central command center.  For example, teachers in a schoolroom could talk to the central office.  The latest IP intercoms include options for video and make it very easy to integrate with other digital systems

Intercom Connected to IP Camera
Intercom Connected to IP Camera

About 5 years ago Intercoms were attached to IP cameras that include two-way audio and Input/output connections.  A special interface box makes it much easier to attach the intercom to the panel.  This approach integrates intercoms with the video surveillance system.  Now the person in charge of security can see the visitor and talk to them using their computer and video management system.   

The latest intercoms communicate with smartphones as well as VoIP phones. They include video so you can see the person at the door.  Now you can talk to visitors at the door, and then release the door lock from wherever you are.  This provides a flexible way of controlling visitor entry at a remote door.  The intercom can be connected directly to a door lock, or to the IP door reader.  The release signal from the remote person is sent through the system to open the door.   

There is also an intercom designed for apartment houses.  It includes a touch panel that provides easy selection of the person you would like to contact.  These multi-apartment IP intercom systems connect directly to the network or can be used in wireless applications.  The most sophisticated systems communicate with your smartphone no matter where in the world you are.  

Summary of the Complete Door Control Security Systems

Creating a complete security system has become much easier.   We can easily integrate network-attached cameras, IP door control readers, IP paging amplifier and speakers, and IP intercoms to create a complete safety and security system. These digital devices attach to the network and use common protocols. Messages can be passed from one system to another, and the software has become much easier to use.  

Door control is not only easier to use, but it is also less expensive than before.  This is all good because it means we can provide integrated solutions that provide a much higher level of physical security.  

If you would like help integrating your door control system with IP camera systems, or iP intercoms, just contact us.  We can be reached at 1-800-431-1658 in the USA, or 914-944-3425 everywhere else.  Or you can use our contact form to reach us.