Multi-Tenant Visitor Access Control Intercom

How to Improve Security in Large Organizations

Multi-tenant Intercom
Multi-tenant Intercom

Monitoring visitors in large organizations is a continuing challenge. The pandemic of 2021 increased our need to improve entry control to multi-tenant buildings and apartment houses. Not only do we want to know who would like to enter, but we also want to know if they are healthy. Learn more about Apartment Intercoms… 

This article describes how the multi-tenant wireless intercom works.

The Evolution of Visitor Management

Large organizations used paper logs (and some still do it this way) for visitor management. It required a person in the lobby to control guests entering the building. In a hospital, this is an essential function. It has diverse departments, and directions are required. But, in commercial buildings and apartment houses, more automated procedures can be used since the people visiting a person or a department can use an intercom that registers their entry.

In many multi-tenant commercial buildings, the lobby person has been replaced by intercom functions like apartment buildings. The people who work in the organization can use door access control credentials to enter the building, while visitors can be monitored at the door using the intercom panel.

What is a Multi-Tenant Intercom

A multi-tenant intercom is a communication device used in the lobby or at the front entrance of a building. It includes a display of all the tenants and provides a wireless phone connection to the people in the building.

The new wireless intercom allows you to contact the resident’s smartphone or standard phone to request entry into the building. The lobby intercom display provides a list of all the people or departments in the facility. They allow the visitor to contact the person’s smartphone instead of using a dedicated intercom.

When someone selects your name or department, the mobile App starts automatically, and a real-time picture of your visitor appears on the screen.  Press the round answer button on your mobile device, and you can immediately hear and speak to your visitor.

Apartment Touch-Screen Intercom
Apartment Touch-Screen Intercom

The Multi-Tenant Intercom is Cloud Based

The lobby intercom panel connects to the cloud server to the mobile app on your smartphone, making this intercom very easy to install.

Limited Use Pins

This allows people in the organization to send an entry pin from the smartphone app via text to a guest that will auto-expire after a predetermined time or a predetermined number of uses from 1-99. All successful and failed pin uses will capture an image. More than five failed attempts in a row will notify management by SMS text or email with images.

Video and Still Image – Date and Time Logging

The resident app and management portal display an image of all pin users and a five-second video of all video calls with the date, time, and name of the employee called. Data is stored for 90 days and can be exported via CSV

System Diagram

The following diagram provides an overview of how the IP multi-tenant intercom system works. The visitor selects the person or department, and the notification appears on their app.  The person in the building can then see and talk to the person at the door.

IP Apartment System Diagram
IP Apartment System Diagram

The message passes through the network switch and router to the cloud server.  The intercoms have the intercom server function built-in. The message is sent from the cloud server to the smartphone.  Once the connection is established, the tenant can talk to the person at the door. They can then remotely unlock the door. 

Integration of Intercom Panels and other Security Systems

The multi-tenant panel is a network-attached access control device that can be integrated with other IP security systems such as access control systems, IP camera systems, and temperature monitoring panels.

Integration with Door Access Control Systems

Door Access Control Readers can be added to the intercom panel. This allows registered people to enter the building.

The door access control system is easy to add to the multi-tenant intercom panel. The output of the intercom panel can be connected to the REX input of the door access controller, which allows either system to control the door.

Integration with Temperature Measuring

Many organizations added touchless temperature screening devices to their entry doors.  These types of panels can be added to the multi-tenant intercoms.

The panels are designed for today’s demands to improve safety in our organizations. They help to maintain a healthy environment in schools, hospitals, corporations, and government facilities. The panels include face recognition for access control and thermal cameras that automatically determine a person’s temperature.

IP Camera Systems Add Additional Security

An IP camera system increases security in multi-tenant buildings by providing visual surveillance of all entry points.  Door access control provides the first line of defense. It allows only the tenets with credentials to enter the building. The second line of defense controls visitors and delivery people. The third line of defense provides surveillance of the area and provides video records of everyone on the premises. All the technologies connect to the local area network, so they are easy to install and integrate.

The Benefits of the Multi-Tenant Intercom System

The new wireless intercom systems are much easier to install than the older wired systems. A lobby intercom can be used instead of hiring staff, saving you money. The latest wireless multi-tenant intercoms include video and audio, providing the increased security of seeing who is at the door.

The tenant database is maintained in a cloud server, making it easy to add, delete, and change tenants from anywhere.

The multi-tenant panel can be integrated with door access control systems, IP camera systems, and health monitoring panels.

Multi-Tenant and Apartment Intercom Summary

The multi-tenant intercom panel is an excellent way to control visitors to a large organization. The panel can be used in commercial buildings or apartment houses. The IP intercom system is wireless, so it’s easy to install. It provides improved security because the tenant can see the person they are talking to before allowing entry.

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