IQinvision High Resolution

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Benefit #1: Greater Detail with the Same Field of View


Digital zoom using a higher resolution camera provides much better detail

Wireless PA419 iPod Ready System

1280 x 1024 Resolution

Wireless PA419 iPod Ready System
Digital Zoom

A low-resolution camera does not have enough pixels to provide a clear image

Wireless PA419 iPod Ready System

640 x 480 Resolution

Wireless PA419 iPod Ready System

Digital zoom is not clear when using a lower resolution camera

Both cameras were set for minimum compression, and we got the best image quality we could in about 10 minutes of setup, focus, exposure and color balance. The color balance between the retail images differs slightly. We’re sure that with more time you could achieve color balances from both cameras that were better than we achieved here. Since this test was for the resolution we didn’t spend much time on color balance. The lens in the retail images was a wide-angle 6.5mm 1″ lens on the IQeye3, and a varifocal lens (provided with the camera) set at wide-angle on the competitor. In the construction images, the IQeye3 had a 12mm 1″ lens and the competitor had the manufacturer provided varifocal, this time set at medium. For the hotel grounds, the IQeye3 used the 6.5mm 1″ and the competitor had the varifocal lens set at medium. Digital zoom applications use greater native resolution to allow each user to digitally ‘zoom in’ and examine a portion of the image. Higher-resolution brings you greater pixels per image detail or greater field of view, depending on what is desired.IQeye IP cameras are available with up to 5-megapixel resolution. They not are designed from the lens to the video compression to provide enhanced video performance.

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