CD and DVD Duplication Systems

Sorry, These products have been discontinued

We used to sell CD/DVD duplicators and publishers that made it easy to copy CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs. As an alternative visit Microboards, Primera, and Rimage websites.

Today we focus on network-attached security systems. Please take a look at all the other products we sell that make your world safer.

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We provide a complete line of CD-R and DVD-R products from desktop publishing stations to full CD-R and DV-R duplication systems.

Automated CD and DVD Duplication Systems: CD-R and DVD-R Duplicators make many copies of the same disc. Take a look at our Duplication Selection Chart to select the right system for your application.
Tower Duplicators: Manual towers are excellent for small runs that need to be duplicated quickly.
CD and DVD Printers: These Printers print directly on the disc providing a professional look to all your discs. They are available as manual or automated systems.

Live Audio CD Recorder Systems

Live Audio CD Recorder

Record your live Audio Event

The Live Recorder System is an easy to use device that is perfect for recording business conferences or church services to produce instant audio CDs from most analog and digital sources within minutes of the end of the live event.

CD and DVD Duplication Systems

CD-R and DV-R Duplication systems are available in manual towers or in automated systems. You can choose systems that are standalone devices, or come with computer or network interfaces. The automatic duplicators are also available with or without built-in CD printers for printing labels directly on the CD.

Tower Duplicators: Manual towers are excellent for small runs that need to be duplicated quickly. A manual system consists of up to 16 recorders in a tower. You can make up to 8 CDs in less than 3.5 minutes. These manual systems, require the user to insert the master in one drive and the CD-R media in the recorders. They are available in standalone or PC attached systems. Standalone duplication towers start at about $1,000 (for a 4 recorder DSR Pro unit).

Automated Duplication Systems: If you need to make more than 8 copies at a time, consider the automated duplicators. Automated CDR and DVR duplication systems allow you to stack 50 to 800 discs on their input spindles, start the job, and walk away. These systems include robotics that moves the discs from the input spindle into the recorders and then stack them on the output spindle. For example, the Micro Orbit 50-disc duplication system starts at under $1,000.

Desktop Publishing Systems: Duplication systems are available with built-in printers. The robotics automatically move the discs from the recorders to the printer. You can duplicate and print the labels without any manual intervention. For example, the Scribe SA makes it very easy to publish up to 600 discs at a time. These systems can be operated stand-alone (without connecting to a PC) or attached to a PC. A PC attached system allows you to create the master and then make copies all on the same PC. Either way, you have a true desktop CD duplication system.

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