The Financial Benefits of Access Control

Door Access Control Provides an Excellent Return on Investment

Financial Benefits of Access Control
Financial Benefits of Access Control

We all know that safety and security are significant advantages of adding door access control, but are there any financial benefits? It’s always best to analyze the return on investment of any new purchase. It turns out that access control systems offer several economic benefits to organizations, helping them reduce costs, improve efficiency, and protect assets. Here are some of the key financial benefits of access control:

Reduced Theft and Losses:

Access control prevents unauthorized access to sensitive areas, reducing the risk of theft and losses from internal and external sources. Integrating access control with video surveillance allows security personnel to verify the identity of individuals seeking access and monitor real-time activities, further deterring theft. This can lead to significant cost savings regarding stolen assets and inventory shrinkage.

Lower Insurance Premiums:

Many insurance providers offer reduced premiums for businesses with robust security measures, including access control systems. The presence of access control can make a property less attractive to thieves and vandals, reducing the likelihood of theft-related insurance claims. Implementing access control can result in cost savings on insurance premiums over time.

Decreased Need for Physical Keys:

Traditional lock and key systems require ongoing key duplication, replacement, and maintenance expenses. Access control eliminates the need for physical keys, reducing associated costs. Another benefit of using biometric or smartphone credentials is that you don’t need to invest in card or keyfob credentials.

Remote Access Control:

Some door access control systems allow remote management of access permissions and monitoring. This can reduce the need for on-site security personnel and associated labor costs. Some access control management software includes cloud connections and apps that make it easy to control the access control system remotely.

Visitor Management Efficiency:

Automated Visitor Management
Automated Visitor Management

Access control systems can streamline visitor registration and management processes, reducing the need for additional personnel to manage visitors. The door access control readers admit the authorized people while an intercom and camera at the door can control visitor entry. Visitor management systems not only provide tracking of visitors, but they also offer visitor authentication and health monitoring. They can include access control panels that provide facial recognition, temperature monitoring, and mask detection to keep your organization safe.

Security Integration:

Access Control and Intercoms
Access Control and Intercoms

Integration with other security systems, such as video surveillance and alarm systems, can improve incident response and reduce losses associated with security breaches. Door access control systems, IP camera systems, and intercoms can be used to create lines of defense that enhance safety and security. Several articles describe integration, such as IP Intercoms for Controlling the Door and How to Integrate Door Access and IP Camera Systems.

Summary of Access Control Financial Benefits

While upfront costs are associated with implementing access control systems, the long-term financial benefits, including reduced losses, increased efficiency, and potential cost savings in various areas, often outweigh the initial investment. Additionally, the specific financial benefits can vary depending on the size and type of organization and the complexity of the access control system implemented.

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