IP Intercom Selection and Comparison

Review of Audio and Video Intercoms

IP Intercom Concept
IP Intercom Concept

There are a variety of network-attached intercoms. Some connect to a central computer, while others connect to smartphone apps. The new IP intercoms use your network infrastructure, are powered over Ethernet (PoE), include IP cameras, and have great features and functions that were never available with the old analog intercoms. They can open doors, integrate with IP camera systems and door access control systems to provide a complete security system.

In general, IP intercoms consist of an audio amplifier, microphone, I/O connections, a special-purpose computer, and an interface to the network. This article reviews the different models of IP intercoms and how they can be used.

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons-73

A Girl Potato and Boy Potato had eyes for each other, and finally, they got married and had a little sweet potato, which they called ‘Yam.’
Of course, they wanted the best for Yam. When it was time, they told her about the facts of life.

They warned her about going out and getting half-baked, so she wouldn’t get accidentally mashed, get a bad name for herself like ‘Hot Potato,’ and end up with many Tater Tots.

Yam said she would stay on the straight and narrow and wouldn’t associate with those high-class Yukon Golds, or the ones from the other side of the tracks who advertise their trade on all the trucks that say, ‘Frito Lay.’

Mr. and Mrs. Potato sent Yam to Idaho P.U. (Potato University ) so that she’d really be in the Chips when she graduated.

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Door Access Control and Visitor Management Integration

Access Control systems allow registered people to enter a specific door at a pre-determined schedule.

Visitor management systems control people who are not registered. Together they provide increased safety and security.

Access Control and Visitor Management Integration
Access Control and Visitor Management Integration

The combination of access control, temperature scanning, contact tracing, and access to control databases has increased security and health. This article reviews the new technology advances in visitor management and the integration of door access control and other technologies.

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The Evolution of the PTZ Camera

Pan, Tilt Zoom Cameras Provide Increased Capability

PTZ Cameras
PTZ Cameras

We have come a long way since the first pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras. The first PTZ cameras were relatively primitive. These early cameras shared the technology with television cameras and used vidicon vacuum tubes and other analog components to capture the video.

This article describes the evolution of the PTZ cameras from coax connected analog cameras to network-attached digital cameras with much greater capability.

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The Best Apartment Intercoms

IP Apartment Intercoms Review

Apartment Intercom System Drawing
Apartment Intercom System Drawing

The latest IP apartment intercoms use wireless networks to communicate with the tenant. The new wireless multi-tenant intercoms allow you to contact the resident’s smartphone or standard phone to request entry into the building. The lobby intercom touchscreen display provides a list of all the tenants in the building.

This article provides critical features and functions of the best apartment intercom systems.

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons-72

A woman got on a bus, holding a baby.

The bus driver said, “That’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen.”

In a huff, the woman slammed her fare into the farebox and took an aisle seat near the bus’s rear.

The man seated next to her sensed that she was agitated and asked her what was wrong.

“The bus driver insulted me,” she fumed.

The man sympathized and said, “Why, he’s a public servant and shouldn’t say things to insult passengers.”

“You’re right,” she said. “I think I’ll go back up there and give him a piece of my mind.”

“That’s a good idea,” the man said. “Here, let me hold your monkey.”

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Technology Review of 2020

Is there anything nice we can say about 2020?  Not much except maybe, I don’t think murder hornets killed anyone. It certainly was a challenging year, and we are all happy to say goodbye.

Technology in 2020
Technology in 2020

It was a year of the pandemic and of science finding vaccines in record-breaking time.  It was a year where we worked at home and discovered we could do this anywhere in the world. It caused an upheaval in the real estate market as we moved out of big cities and corporations downsized. SpaceX changed how we went to space, and engineers developed face recognition panels that checked our temperature as we entered the building. 

This article reviews some of the technology for the security and surveillance market introduced in 2020. 

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Comparison of Commercial IP Camera Systems and Home Cameras

Comparison of IP Camera Systems

What’s the difference between a home surveillance camera and a commercial IP camera system used in schools, office buildings, and hospitals?

IP Camera Systems for Home and Office
IP Camera Systems for Home and Office

Home IP Cameras cost between $20 and $100, while the professional IP cameras range from $150 to over $2,000.  There is a difference. This article compares the capability you should expect from a home camera versus a commercial surveillance IP camera system.

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons-71

A guy spots a sign outside a house that reads “Talking Dog for Sale.” Intrigued, he walks in.

“So, what have you done with your life?” he asks the dog.

“I’ve led a very full life,” says the dog. “I lived in the Alps rescuing avalanche victims. Then I served my country in Iraq. And now I spend my days reading to the residents of a retirement home.”

The guy is flabbergasted. He asks the dog’s owner, “Why on Earth would you want to get rid of an incredible dog like that?”

The owner says, “Because he’s a liar! He never did any of that!”

You might not recognize one of the holidays. Hogswatch Night was created by Terry Pratchett, who is one of my favorite authors

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IP Paging Systems Provide Advanced Functionality

This is Not Your Father’s Paging System

Paging systems have changed over the years.  Remember the old days when the principal would make announcements on that old PA system. You were lucky to hear anything that was said.

Paging Over IP
Paging Over IP

The principal had a microphone attached to a clunky amplifier. It had a large knob that adjusted the volume. All the speakers were wired to this central amplifier. Many of these old paging systems have reached end-of-life, and people are looking for replacements.

The world of paging systems has changed. Now, it’s all digital. This evolution has made paging systems much simpler to install and provide new functions that were not available in the older systems.

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