Proactive Physical Threat Detection

Proactive Security Uses AI-Enhanced Camera Systems to Increase Safety and Prevent Loss

Proactive Security Systems
Proactive Security Systems

What are your Safety and Security expectations? Do you want to be Reactive or Proactive? In a reactive system, the security person searches video after an event or incident. In a proactive system, the facility is actively monitored by an AI-enhanced camera system that sends alarms to security personnel.

This article describes how a proactive security system works, why it is helpful, and how to install it.  

Why Use a Proactive Security Camera System

Proactive video systems are designed to prevent property loss or employee risk by detecting potential threats before an incident occurs. It provides immediate notification whenever a physical security threat is detected.

Placing cameras around the site’s perimeter allows analytics to detect and alert operators of intruders before they reach the protected property. The AI-enhanced camera systems can notify police so they can catch the offender red-handed instead of trying to work out what happened a day later.

Theft, damage, and the loss of business continuity all cost money, so the system can pay for itself as soon as the first intruder is warned before the damage is done.

A proactive system is a perfect solution for customers concerned about high insurance deductibles in the event of theft or injury or protection of critical infrastructure from potential damage or risk from loss of service. It’s also helpful with high-value targets where a business needs to know about a potential threat immediately. Proactive video monitoring can augment guard services, saving customers thousands of dollars annually.

Stores, utilities, logistics facilities, parking garages, residential communities, and construction sites can use these systems.

How Proactive Camera Systems Work

Proactive IP Camera Security system utilize AI-enhanced cameras and software. AI systems are defined as those that can learn from experience.

How Artificial Intelligence is Used in a Proactive System

IP Camera Systems with AI
IP Camera Systems with AI

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad term that includes many levels of machine intelligence. IP camera systems utilize Artificial Narrow intelligence (ANI). The ANI systems are typically very good at their specific job but can only do one thing. To learn more about AI, read our article, Detecting Threats using AI and IP Camera Systems.

AI systems generally merge large data sets with intelligent processing algorithms and quickly run through multiple tasks in very little time. Here’s an example of how an AI-enhanced camera system provides a Proactive Security System.

Object Detection includes the identification and classification of objects. It enables Intrusion Detection, Occupancy, Counting, Smart Parking, Intelligent Traffic Management, and Thermal Screening. This engine also uses smart targeting.

Action Detection is used for solutions like Fight/Violence/Assault detection/vandalism, Smoke and Fire detection, Slip and Fall detection, Detection of Suspicious Shopping Behavior that may result in shoplifting, catalytic converter theft, etc.

Threat Detection: The Fusion of “Object” and “Action” Detection triggers Threat Detection. The combination of object (such as a weapon) detection and also the handling of it (action) generates the threat alert.

When an alarm is detected, the AI software notifies the security personnel. This allows an immediate response to threats to safety and security.

How Proactive Threat Detection Can Improve Security and Safety

AI Enhanced Camera Systems
AI Enhanced Camera Systems

Proactive threat detection contributes to overall security and safety by identifying potential threats before they escalate, ultimately reducing risks, costs, and the impact of incidents.

Identifying Threats:

Several security threats can be detected using AI-enhanced camera systems. For example, they can catch someone carrying a gun, increase safety in parking areas, identify a person in a crowd using face recognition, and notify Security if people are fighting or if someone falls and doesn’t get up quickly.

Alerting Security About Potential Threats:

By identifying potential threats before they escalate, proactive threat detection allows organizations and individuals to take preventive measures, reducing the likelihood of incidents occurring in the first place. By notifying the proper authorities prior to escalation, this can ultimately decrease/stop damage and theft and even save lives.

Stopping Disruptions

Identifying and mitigating threats early can result in cost savings, as it prevents the need for expensive incident response, damage control, and recovery efforts.

Enhancing Community Safety

Proactive threat detection systems can contribute to overall community safety by helping to identify and mitigate threats in public spaces, transportation systems, and critical infrastructure.

How to implement Proactive Security Systems

Implementing a Proactive Security System can be very easy if you already have an IP Camera System. Your security team can add AI-enhanced camera software to most camera systems. The AI-enhanced software can be integrated with many Video Management Systems (VMS).

If you do not have an IP Camera System, you can add IP Cameras with built-in AI capability or AI-enhanced software to your new IP Camera System.

To add Proactive Security capability, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your IP camera needs: Identify the specific threats and vulnerabilities that your environment faces. Read the article How to Define Your IP Camera System to learn more.
  2. Define Your Objectives and Goals: clearly define what you want to achieve with proactive security systems. Your objectives could be to prevent unauthorized access, protect sensitive data, or enhance emergency response capabilities.
  3. Select Video Management Software that is compatible with the AI-enhanced software and cameras. Read the article How to Select the Right Video Recording System for Your IP Camera System to learn more.
  4. Consider the type of AI enhancement you require. You can select AI-enhanced cameras, AI-perimeter awareness, or AI-enhanced threat detection.

Summary of Proactive Threat Alerts

The article discusses the importance of proactive security systems, highlighting the benefits and the working principles. It emphasizes the advantages of using AI-enhanced camera systems for proactive threat detection. The article reviews why proactive camera systems are used, how they work, the benefits of these systems, and how to install a proactive security system in your organization.

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