Specialized IP Cameras

Specialized Cameras are Designed for Unique Applications

Specialized IP Cameras
Specialized IP Cameras

Some applications require an IP camera that is different from a standard surveillance camera. Do you want to see inside a blast furnace? We have a camera for that. Do you want to view a target over two miles away or maybe use a camera where there are combustible gases? We can do that as well.

This article is designed to inform and guide you in choosing the best IP camera for each unique application.

The following IP cameras are designed to meet special situations. 

Wall IP Camera

When cameras are mounted on the ceiling, they capture the top of a person’s head rather than seeing their face. A special wall-mounted camera can be placed at the same level as a person’s face.

This exceptional new camera from Hanwha includes an IR illuminator to see the person if the lights are turned off. Your objectives could include viewing people entering a room, listening and viewing an activity, or recognizing a person’s face.

Overview of Specifications

  • AI Camera with Virtual line (Crossing/Direction), Virtual area [Loitering/Intrusion/Enter/Exit/(Dis), Appear], virtual area (intrusion/enter/exit), virtual Line (crossing/ direction)
  • 5MP resolution provides 2592×1944 of resolution.
  • A wide-angle lens of 175° provides a wide field of view
  • The camera provides enough resolution to identify a person at about 14 ft.
  • It can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • The camera is powered over Ethernet (PoE).
  • It includes an IR illuminator to see 15m(49.21ft) away in total darkness.
  • It includes a built-in mic to hear and record what’s happening remotely.

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Wall Mount IP Camera
Wall Mount IP Camera

Wall Mount Camera Views a Person’s Face

The TNV-C8011RW, Hanwha’s latest wall-mounted camera, is a prime choice for small-area surveillance. Its features, such as AI capability with Virtual line crossing detection, 5MP resolution, wide-angle lens, and IR illuminator, make it ideal for small areas. It can be placed lower on the wall to see a person’s face.

Camera Position Comparison
Camera Position Comparison

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Covert Cameras

Do you need an inconspicuous surveillance system?

Covert cameras, designed to be inconspicuous, can be mounted to capture a person’s face. Several models are available, including those that look like poles and others that can be mounted on a door jamb. These cameras are ideal when you need to monitor an area discreetly without people seeing the surveillance.

Hanwha has several specialized 2-megapixel IP camera systems for covert applications. To learn more about covert cameras, see our selection of Hanwha Covert Cameras.

Covert Cameras
Covert Cameras

Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof Cameras

Do you need to see activity at a drilling rig or a manufacturing plant with gas or dust that could explode? In this case, you need an intrinsically safe or explosion-proof camera system.

The camera and enclosure used in these environments are designed to prevent the ignition of the surrounding gases or dust. They will either contain any explosion within the device or prevent sparks from exiting and triggering it.

Explosion-proof doesn’t mean the camera will survive a blast outside the enclosure. It means it won’t trigger the explosion.

To learn more, see our Explosion-Proof or Intrinsically Safe Camera selections.

Explosion-Proof IP Camera Systems
Explosion-Proof IP Camera Systems

Cameras for Furnaces and Extreme Environments

Do you need to view the inside of a blast furnace or a rocket launch? In this case, you need a special enclosure for a camera that can withstand very high temperatures.

These liquid-cooled enclosures include special housing with liquid that provides cooling. They also include special high-temperature glass that protects the camera. You can select tempered glass (max 260°C (500°F)), quartz glass (max 400°C (752°F)), or infrared glass (max 260°C (500°F)).

To learn more, see Camera Enclosures for Extreme Environments.

Long Range Night Vision IR PTZ Camera

Long-range cameras can see over one mile away during the day or night, and some can even see through the fog.

The long-range IP camera systems provide night vision using either a long-range laser illuminator or an additional thermal camera. We build long-range surveillance camera systems that are designed to meet your requirements. These IP camera systems include a very long-distance lens and superior pan-tilt mechanisms that allow you to see details over 2 miles away. They attach to your network and can be integrated into a complete security system. There are some off-the-shelf camera systems available as well.

PTZ Camera with IR Illumination
PTZ Camera with IR Illumination

AI-Enhanced Camera Systems

IP Camera Systems with AI
IP Camera Systems with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances IP Camera Systems to improve safety and security. AI systems are defined as those that can learn from experience. Emergencies are automatically detected and provide alarms that prevent threats from becoming critical.

This technology offers a paradigm change in the usage of IP Camera Systems. Instead of recording what happened in the past, these systems notify security as they are happening.

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Summary of Specialized IP Cameras

These specialized IP cameras can view targets miles away and monitor the temperature of equipment and people. They protect oil rigs with explosion-proof housing, provide thermal imaging, and can view the inside of a furnace. These specialty cameras are designed for unique industries and use cases, catering to various needs.

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