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What is an Explosion Proof Camera?

explosion proof IP camera

An explosion-proof camera includes a special enclosure. The camera and enclosure can be used in a hazardous potentially explosive environment. This means that the camera system will not cause an explosion, rather than survive an explosion outside the enclosure.

The camera and enclosure used in these environments are designed to prevent ignition of the surrounding gases or dust. They will either contain any explosion within the device or prevent sparks exiting the device and triggering an explosion.

Normally, we don’t worry about sparks.  For example, a household light switch may emit a small, harmless visible spark when switching. In an ordinary atmosphere, this arc is of no concern, but if a flammable vapor is present, the arc might cause an explosion. Explosive environments can be found in a number of places such as oil and gas tankers, chemical processing plants, hospital operating theaters, aircraft refueling, and hangers, coal mines or oil refineries, sewage treatment plants, grain handling, sugar refineries, and printing industry.  These environments can contain flammable gases such as acetone, propane, methane, hydrogen, or coal dust.  

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