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A New Role for IP Camera Systems – Operations Manager

Multiscreen for IP camera surveillance systems

In this business era, when companies are focusing on getting the best return on their investment, a sizable number are looking towards extending their use of IP camera surveillance systems beyond security and into overseeing business operations.

According to a recent issue of Security Watch Info, a survey in which IT and video surveillance professionals were asked what their business plans were for video surveillance revealed that 68% of respondents plan to use their IP camera systems for improving operations while 32% planned to restrict their usage to security.

Many retail businesses with more than one outlet, perhaps because they are already familiar with how IP cameras systems and video management software deliver remote real-time multi-screen viewing of several locations, have already made the move.

Managers feel that using the cameras will improve their ability to:

  • manage multiple locations
  • monitor everyday business activities
  • track employees over the course of a day
  • keep a watchful eye on inventory and sensitive customer and business data

They are particularly fond of VMS’s ability to record and store video and easily access it for future viewing and plant to use it for:

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