Technical Jokes and Cartoons – 18

Math and Science for Engineers, and Others:

As an engineer, I found that it was important to learn certain basic mathematical concepts. Since, you also may need to know about scientific things, I put together some examples.  By the way, all these diagrams are from Instachaaz,

Probability Density Function:  The probability histogram shows how likely it is for something to occur over time, or over some other variable. For example:


Here’s a different type of probability curve:


Venn diagram:   Shows the logical relationships between a number of different sets.   John Venn introduced this concept in 1880, and it has been popular with engineers ever since.  Here are two examples:


Flow Charts:  Engineers sometimes use flow charts to plan their work.  Programmers create flow charts so they can define the sequence of functions that need to be coded. They can also be used as decision trees that help come to some conclusion.   Here are two examples:


And, here’s another flowchart that describes how to act in New York city.  I think it applies to some other cities as well.


Some of the strangest laws in the USA

Alabama:  Bear wrestling is illegal. In case you were thinking about it…

Colorado:  Catapults cannot be used to fire at buildings. This law isn’t just old; it’s medieval.

Connecticut:  A pickle must bounce if it’s to be considered a pickle. Well…finally someone said what we were all thinking.

Florida:  It is illegal to sell your children. Oy, Florida…

Hawaii:  No coins shall ever be put in ears. Looks like Hawaii is where your grandpa’s favorite magic trick goes to die.

Kentucky:  You must bathe at least once a year (what’s that smell?).


Single men between 21 and 50 must pay the state an annual $1 tax. It pays to date, people.

North Dakota:  Beer and pretzels cannot be served at the same time.

Rhode Island:  You probably already knew this, but it’s illegal to bite off a person’s leg.

Vermont:  FYI, it’s illegal to tie your giraffe to a telephone pole.

Comments from Bob:

The less we know

The easier the task looks

Rules of Project scheduling:

It takes 20% of the time to complete 80% of the project

It takes 80% of the time to complete the remaining 20%

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