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So far, this year has been quite tumultuous.  It is the year of the great pandemic and the year of social change. The turbulence of our time has created demands on technology. The use of face recognition provides touchless access control, and temperature scanning with face mask detection helps to limit the spread of disease.

The latest IP cameras include artificial intelligence and can detect people who are too close together. Automated contact tracking has been introduced to help reduce the spread of disease.

The article discusses some of the new technology that can help in these difficult times.

Visitor Management Systems

Visitor management systems have become more popular as businesses and schools require control of anyone entering their areas. The visitor management systems can incorporate face recognition to check identity, and temperature scanning to help keep the organization healthier.

The latest visitor management systems integrate other technology such as IP camera systems, door access control.

To provide identity verification, hosts have the option of sending visitors a unique QR code via text and email. This offers advanced registration for their appointment. When the guest arrives, they present their QR code and their authentication key along with capturing a live photo, and they are digitally logged into the premises.

Contact Tracing

The new people tracking systems provide a record of all the people you came in contact with inside your organization. A cloud database keeps track of all the tags (people) that get close together.  If someone becomes ill, the database can list all the other people that have been close to the sick person.

Learn more about automated contact tracing systems and How Digital Contact Tracing Works and how Automated Contact Tracing is used in a Pandemic.

IP Cameras with Artificial Intelligence

New IP cameras with artificial intelligence have become much more powerful. They can detect if a person has fallen or if too many people are gathering together. These intelligent IP cameras from Hanwha include AI that can tell the difference between an animal and a human. They can also tell the difference between a car and a truck. These analytic features reduce the false alarms caused by simple motion detection. All these features make it easier to find critical video quickly.

Using the latest cameras, you can maintain not only your security but also the health safety of your organization.

Face Recognition and Temperature Scanning

Face Recognition Concept
Face Recognition Concept

The confusion and angst about facial recognition demonstrate this turbulent time. Microsoft announced they would join the list of tech giants that have decided to limit the use of its facial-recognition systems. They stated that it would not sell the controversial technology to police departments until there is a federal law regulating it.

On the other hand, people are demanding touchless door entry and body temperature monitoring to help keep them safe. The latest door access control reader-controllers use face recognition and temperature scanning. They prevent the entry of anyone who has elevated temperatures or not wearing a mask.

Personal Emergency Buttons

The personal panic button provides increased safety, no matter where you are. The push of a button on the mobile panic button sends an alert through the system. The emergency notification is sent to your designated security center. The personal emergency panic button system provides a quick response to any emergency.

Technology Summary

The world is changing very quickly, and technology can assist us in getting through the turbulence. Contactless door access control with the addition of temperature monitoring and face mask detection keeps us all safer. Visitor management helps us control and track the people who visit our organizations. Contact tracing can maintain a record of all the people who you may have gotten close to. The latest IP cameras include advanced intelligence that provides so much more capability than ever before.

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