Access Control and Intercoms: The Perfect Match

Intercoms can Enhance Access Control

Access Control and Intercoms
Access Control and Intercoms

The receptionist was once the guardian of the gate. This person greeted guests, recorded the visitors, and determined who could enter. Unfortunately, there are far fewer receptionists doing this task. What is the best way to replace this function? Integrating door access control, intercoms, and IP camera systems provides similar functionality. This combination of IP security devices provides a method of controlling visitors as well as allowing authorized people to enter the building.

This article describes how to integrate door access control, IP cameras, and intercom systems.

Intercoms for Visitor Control

IP intercoms with and without video add another level of security by allowing the user to talk to the visitor. Three solutions are available.

  1. An Intercom system with a separate IP camera uses audio management software to provide integrated video.
  2. An IP intercom with a built-in camera uses Video Management Software to see and hear the person at the door.
  3. An Apartment Intercom allows the visitor to select the tenant. It uses a cloud connection to smartphones to control entry.

IP Intercoms for Door Control

Intercoms that don’t include video can be used with separate IP cameras. The TVIP-IntercomPA is an example of a simple intercom used for door control.

The IP intercom attaches to the network and uses Power over Ethernet (PoE). They use an audio protocol like VoIP SIP that makes them compatible with VoIP phones. These industrial intercoms include a door relay that controls the electric lock. The robust relay can handle the current and voltage required by almost all types of electric locks.

The call button on the intercom notifies the person inside that someone is at the door. Usually, this call is answered by someone in the organization assigned as the doorkeeper. Special audio management software manages intercoms and can also be used for making paging announcements.

Woman at the Door
Woman at the Door

The latest network-attached IP intercoms use the network infrastructure and are easier to install than the old analog intercom systems. To learn more, read, How Network Attached Amplifiers and IP Intercoms Work.

Video Intercom for Door Control

The TID-600 intercom is an indoor or outdoor video IP intercom used to control visitors. This touchless video intercom integrates with the Hanwha WAVE Video Management Software so that security people can view cameras and talk to the people at the door. The best intercoms include video. Video enhances security by allowing you to see and speak to the guest at the door.

The TID-600R provides optimized video so you can see the person in a wide field of view and a wide range of lighting conditions. Learn more about IP video intercoms.

Apartment Intercoms

The latest apartment intercoms or multi-tenant intercoms work over a wireless connection. This makes them very easy to install. Using the touchscreen, you can easily find and call a specific corporate department or person in an apartment building. The person called can answer the IP intercom using the app on their mobile device. It’s easy to view, talk and then release the door.

This wireless system is excellent for new or replacement installations. It connects to the tenant’s smartphone or can connect to the person’s wired phone. The tenant can see and speak to the person at the door when they use their smartphones. Since the system uses cellphone data, they can control the door from anywhere in the world. Lean more about apartment Intercoms.

Door Access Control and IP Camera Integration

IP cameras and Visitors
IP cameras and Visitors

Adding IP camera systems to the door control application can increase security. The camera allows the security personnel to view areas around the door. Providing situational awareness prevents threats from multiple people entering the building.

Some access control systems include advanced management software that allows the security person to view IP cameras. This makes their job much more manageable. This combination is especially suited for remote visitor management.

For example, the Hartman, Access control software can incorporate several video management software products. This allows the security person to see all the camera streams on the same console that controls the door access system. It provides added security by preventing piggybacking through a door and controlling visitor entry.

Summary of Intercoms and Access Control

Intercoms enhance door access control and are used to replace the receptionist at many organizations. Audio-only intercoms and video intercoms improve safety—the apartment intercom controls visitors to multi-tenant buildings. The addition of IP camera systems enhances security throughout the organization.

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