How to Increase Security in an Apartment Building

Apartment Building Technology for Security

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Network attached security devices can provide walls of defense that increase safety in apartment buildings. Security can be provided by a number of different IP technologies such as door access control, IP camera systems, and IP intercoms and paging systems. Much like the walls of a castle, they provide increased safety and security.

Here is a summary of the lines of defense established by security technology:

Door access control provides the first line of defense. It allows only the tenets with credentials to enter the building. The second line of defense controls visitors and delivery people. The third line of defense provides surveillance of the area and provides video records of everyone on the premises. The fourth level of protection uses an IP paging system to keep people informed of any emergency situation. All the technologies connect to the local area network, so they are easy to install and integrate. Here is a summary of the lines of defense established by security technology:

Access Control – The First Line of Defense for Apartment Buildings

Door access control and electric gates that control parking lots secure the entrances of an apartment building.

Door access control readers can be integrated with IP camera systems to provide a secure barrier to assure that only registered people can enter the facility.

Door Access Readers Prevent Unauthorized Entry

There are door readers that are controlled by card credentials, smartphone (Bluetooth) and others that use biometrics.

Door Access Card Reader

Credential Type Door Readers

The credential type readers are also called RFID or proximity door readers. They are easy to use but require the person to always carry the card. The credentials are also available as keyfobs that can be attached to a keyring. The latest door readers are connected to the network, so they are very easy to install.

There are a number of ways to integrate the IP camera systems with door access control systems. Take a look at our article How to Integrate Door Access and IP camera Systems for more details on how to do it.

Biometric door readers

Biometric door readers can use a fingerprint, face or finger-vein to identify a person. These are more secure than the proximity or RFID readers because they identify the person rather than the credential (card) that they carry.

Gate Access Control Prevents Unauthorized Parking Entry

Electric gates can be controlled using long-range Readers. Special readers use larger antennas to provide a range of over 40 ft. This means a vehicle with a long-range credential can open the gate as the vehicle approaches.

IP Intercoms for Door Access – The Second Line of Defense for Apartment Buildings

Intercom Door man in field concept

An IP intercom provides access control for guests and delivery people. The intercom allows them to contact a resident on their smartphone to request entry to the apartment building.

The best IP intercoms include video so you can see the person at the door as well as talk to them. The new building intercoms are easy to install and communicate with an app on the resident’s smartphone. You can answer the door no matter where you are.

IP Camera Systems – The Third Line of Defense for Apartment Buildings

IP surveillance camera systems are used to monitor the activities of people who enter the apartment building. They are positioned to watch all the doors, lobbies, hallways, and parking areas. The intelligent cameras can send an alarm whenever motion is detected in certain areas. The video recording system allows you to review any activity. They can record crimes as well as record accidents. IP camera systems not only deter crime they can reduce insurance rates.

IP Paging Systems – The Fourth Level of Defense

An IP paging system can be used to notify people of any emergency situation. If there is a fire, the security office can provide specific instructions to each floor, a single building or the entire campus.  These IP speaker systems include the network interface and the amplifier providing an all-in-one solution that is very easy to install. This network attached speaker system attaches to the local area network so there is no extensive wiring required.

Summary of Access Control and Security

Apartment buildings can be made safer by adding IP security devices. These network-attached security devices create multiple levels of defense against intrusion. The door access control ensures that only people with credentials or the right biometric identification can enter. IP intercoms control visitors. The capability to provide video and audio to your smartphone allows the tenant to monitor entry no matter where they are.  IP camera systems can be used to monitor parking areas and hallways. They can create a security alert if someone is detected in the wrong area. Adding IP paging systems provides information to all the tenants about any situation that affects their safety.

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