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PoE for Network-Attached Devices

Door Access Control, IP Camera Systems, IP PA Systems use PoE

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the easiest way to provide power to many network-attached devices such as IP camerasdoor access control systems, and IP paging and Intercom systems.

The network cable transfers both data and power to the device, making installation very simple.  The network cable includes up to eight wires. The data uses one set of wires, while the power uses another set of wires in the network cable.

This article describes how access control systems, IP Camera Systems, and IP paging systems utilize power over Ethernet (PoE)

Network-Attached Devices Ilustration
Network-Attached Devices Illustration
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IP Access Control System Comparison

What is the Best IP Door Access System for You?

door access choice concept

The first IP door access control system was introduced by Isonas around the year 2000. This was revolutionary at the time because each door reader included the intelligence that was typically provided by a control box. It took many years for this new technology to be accepted by the access control industry. Most security dealers were used to the centralized controller boxes with Wiegand readers at each door. Today IP door access systems are replacing the older centralized systems. This article provides a summary of the IP network attached door access control systems with the pros and cons of each type of system.

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Door Access Control – Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Door Access Questions and Answers

Door access control questions

Door access control systems provide security for business, school, government organizations. Access control has become more important as the need for improved safety has increased.

How does door access control work, what is the most secure access control system, and why do I need door access control management software are some of the questions and answers provided.

The following list of frequently asked questions is provided to help you learn more about the technology.

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How Door Access Control Works

How the Door Reader, credential and access control software work

Remote Door Access Control Management Software

Door access control has become a very important part of our security structure. The door readers control the electric lock and determine who enters the building.

The access control readers use credentials which can be cards that fit in your wallet, or thick lanyard cards with holes that can be worn around your neck, or keyfobs that attach to your keyring. The latest door readers can also use your smartphone to open the door. The most secure credentials are your biometric attribute. Your face or fingerprint provides accurate identification of you rather than the credential you carry.

This article describes how door access control systems work.

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How to Increase Security in an Apartment Building

Apartment Building Technology for Security

wall protection apartment homes illustration

Network attached security devices can provide walls of defense that increase safety in apartment buildings. Security can be provided by a number of different IP technologies such as door access control, IP camera systems, and IP intercoms and paging systems. Much like the walls of a castle, they provide increased safety and security.

Here is a summary of the lines of defense established by security technology:

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How to Install IP Door Readers

IP Door Readers installation

IP Door Access Control Systems are easy to install and provide excellent flexibility. There are RFID proximity IP readers and biometric door readers such as fingerprint or facial recognition readers, that connect to the network. In many cases, you can use PoE to power the reader and the electric lock.

An IP door access control reader is different from the older Wiegand door readers. Instead of connecting to a control panel, the door reader attaches to the network. All the intelligence is inside the reader. It maintains the rules and holds the database of users who can access the door.

This means that even if the network is down, the reader will still operate (if it has power). The door access software is used to manage and edit the information that’s stored in the readers. It only communicates with the readers when there is a change in the information.

This article takes the mystery out of network attached door access control systems and describes how to install them.

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IP Security Year in Review – 2016

New Security Systems for 2016

By Bob Mesnik

Technology of 2016

2016 will probably be known as the year of the 4K IP cameras.  A number of manufacturers introduced these very high-resolution cameras.

Besides the increased camera resolution, new compression schemes were introduced that reduced bandwidth and storage requirements.  The latest network-attached door readers are now controlled through the cloud.

The readers also include Bluetooth connections that allow your smartphone to be used as the credential.  Video management software was integrated with other devices like door access control and digital cash registers, increasing total security.   Here’s a review of the technology introduced in 2016.

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