IP Camera Systems for all Occasions

IP Cameras for Many Applications

IP Camera Systems
IP Camera Systems for Everywhere

These days, IP camera systems can be used in many different applications and environments. It’s not just to determine who robbed the bank. IP camera systems are more than just recording the video. They include sophisticated intelligence that can notify us of real-time alarm conditions.

Applications for IP cameras include theft deterrence, automated license plate recognition, watching wildlife, viewing the army tank that’s two miles away, or watching the inside of a blast furnace.

This article describes the specialized capabilities of today’s IP camera systems

Long-Range PTZ IP Camera Systems View a Rocket Launch Two Miles Away

The combination of high-resolution cameras, improved pan-tilt mechanisms, and better long-distance lenses have improved long-range PTZ camera systems. The new IR laser illuminator enabled viewing over 2 miles (3.2K meters) away in total darkness.  

PTZ Cameras Look Through the Fog

Some off-the-shelf PTZ cameras with nighttime capability include IR illumination and the capability of seeing through fog. For example, a PTZ camera with a 55X zoom lens can identify a vehicle almost one mile away.  

Thermal Imaging Cameras See in the Dark

Thermal imaging cameras add surveillance capability at night. We can now see the heat radiating from vehicles or people that are miles away. The cameras use different types of sensors and lenses to provide thermal imaging.

IP Camera Systems for Extreme Environments

There are special enclosures that are designed to protect the IP camera in extreme environments such as high-temperature ovens, the extreme cold of the arctic circle, or even on a ship in the middle of the ocean.   

Do you Need a Camera for a Blast Furnace?

There are special enclosures designed to protect IP cameras from high-temperature environments. If you need to watch molten metal in a furnace, some enclosures protect cameras in temperatures up to 400°C (752°F).

IP cameras can even watch the exhaust during a rocket launch. The enclosures are liquid or air-cooled and protect cameras

The enclosures are water or air cooled.

High-Temperature Camera Enclosures
High-Temperature Camera Enclosures

IP Cameras that Don’t Explode

Explosion-proof IP cameras that don’t cause an explosion are essential for surveillance on an oil rig or in a chemical plant with explosive gases.

These unique stainless steel enclosures are designed to protect IP cameras in areas with the risk of explosions, such as refineries, gas pipelines, oil tankers, offshore platforms, industrial processes, and chemical industries.

The complete explosion-proof camera system includes an HD IP camera. 

IP Cameras for the Stormy Atlantic

Ship at Sea
Ship at Sea

Suppose you are in hostile environments like salt or other corrosive environments. In that case, there are special enclosures designed for saltwater applications like marine or coast patrol, industrial or chemical applications, and where external agents are highly corrosive.

These are stainless steel weatherproof IP66/IP68 enclosures that provide complete protection against dust and are submersible down to 40m (130ft). The options of a wiper and water pump ensure a constant cleaning of the front window. There are options for operating cameras in the coldest environments down to -40°C (-40°F).  

Intelligent IP Camera Systems

IP cameras have gotten smarter. They have transformed the surveillance applications from historical recording to real-time alarms. The first application of CCTV was to use security people to watch the video from multiple cameras. There was a display wall that included many monitors so they could watch the real-time activity. It was almost impossible to catch the shoplifter. Surveillance changed to rely on recorded video, but this was after the fact, so the perpetrator was long gone when the video was viewed. Now we can receive real-time alerts from intelligent cameras.

IP Cameras that are Smart

Would you like to know the moment when someone takes your laptop? Would you like to know when someone screams in the lobby of your building? How about detecting a gunshot? The latest IP cameras have quite a lot of built-in intelligence.  They help protect people and assets. They notify you of dangerous situations, help deter terror attacks, and even tell you how many people have visited your store.

As an example, Hanwha’s latest intelligent IP cameras provide “narrow artificial intelligence” capability.  They are capable of making decisions about objects they observe and categorize them into classes.

Intelligent IP Camera
Intelligent IP Camera

Cameras that Talk to You

Speakers can be attached to some intelligent IP cameras. They can detect motion and then automatically make an audio announcement. Look for the IP cameras that include audio inputs and outputs and then add specialized audio amplifiers to create a complete interactive security system. To learn more, take a look at our article, How to Connect Audio to Networks and IP Cameras.

IP Cameras that Read License Plates

The intelligence that converts a visual image of a license plate to a digital number is inside the IP Camera instead of residing in a separate computer. Automated License Plate Recognition (LPR or APLR) is more than just a License Plate Capture. These systems convert the image (picture of the license) to computer data that can be checked against a database. 

IP Camera for Special Viewing Situations

IP cameras are available that fit specific viewing applications. Special lenses and multiple sensors provide situational awareness.

Panoramic Cameras Look Everywhere

A panoramic camera provides a 360-degree view of an area. They are usually used to provide situational awareness.

Single-Sensor Fish-eye Cameras

Panoramic Store Image
Panoramic Store Image

The panoramic fish-eye camera uses a special, very wide-angle lens to view 360-degree. They are usually used in small rooms. The higher the resolution of the sensor, the more detail you can see at a specific distance.

Multi-sensor Panoramic Camera

Panoramic cameras that use multiple sensors provide higher resolution than single-sensor cameras. They can be used in larger environments. The images from the multiple sensors are stitched together to form one image.

Multi-Sensor, Multi-Directional Cameras

These cameras are not considered to be panoramic cameras. The multi-sensor, multi-directional IP camera contains four high-resolution cameras (or sensors) that can be adjusted independently. The multi-direction cameras can be used in similar applications as panoramic cameras. The difference is that these cameras do not stitch all the views together. Instead, you can see a view from each camera. This type of wide-area camera provides the best resolution and clarity compared to panoramic cameras. Take a look at our article, Calculating What You Can See With Your IP Camera, for more details.

Hallway Cameras

Hallway IP Camera View
Hallway IP Camera View

There are several solutions for viewing a hallway. Some cameras can turn the video 90-degrees so that the long view is vertical instead of horizontal. This allows you to see down the hallway rather than seeing too much of the walls.

Also, multiple cameras inside one housing make it easy to see in two directions. One model includes two back-to-back cameras so they can be placed in the middle of a long hallway and see in both directions.

Another model allows you to view three hallways at a T-type intersection. This camera looks down three hallways.

IP Camera Systems Can be Hidden

Covert IP cameras are helpful when you want to hide the fact that you are watching the area. For example, you can catch the thief when they take off their mask as they leave the store.  The covert camera doesn’t look like a camera, which makes it so effective in catching offenders.

There are several covert IP camera models available.

IP Camera Systems Summary

The technology of IP camera systems has improved over the last few years. The IP cameras have long-range lenses and night vision capability. They include artificial intelligence that allows you to be notified of immediate threats. The cameras can be used with access control systems to enhance safety, and they can be used to talk to people at the door.

Specialized enclosures are available that protect the IP cameras in hazardous and extreme environments.

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