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How can we make our lives safer? That’s the critical question asked by all security personnel. How can we prevent dangerous people from entering our facilities? Can we reduce the crime at our schools? Can we quickly notify the police when danger threatens? These questions and others are on the top of our minds.

This article provides some of the questions people have asked and provides their answers.

Q: Is it Possible to Detect People Entering the Parking Lot

A: The latest IP cameras include Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can be configured to create an alarm when a person is walking into an area. It only triggers the alarm when they walk into the lot, but not when they leave. This reduces false alarms and allows the security person to be notified only when important events are detected.

For example, the QNO-7082R bullet camera and the QNV-7082R dome camera are both 4-Megapixel cameras with some advanced capability. They can detect directional motion.

To learn more, please read The Intelligent IP Camera article.

Q: How Can We Detect that Someone Left an Item

A: If you are worried that someone may leave a dangerous package in your lobby, there are new cameras that can detect this action. The same cameras can be programmed to create an alarm if someone takes that laptop off the table. These immediate alarms are automatically sent to the security personnel.

 For example, the PND-A9081RV dome camera provides 4K resolution (8-Megapixel) and has advanced capability that provides immediate alarm notification. Besides detecting if objects enter or leave a specific area, it can classify objects such as a person’s face, a vehicle, or license plate in the field of view.

Q: Can the IP Camera System Contact Security if Someone Screams?

A: Yes. Some IP cameras include built-in microphones and the intelligence to recognize a scream. These same cameras can also detect a gunshot. These intelligent cameras have several abilities that notify security of dangerous situations.

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The Hanwha X-Series and PNV-A9081R are examples of IP cameras with advanced capability.

Detect a Scream
Detect a Scream

Q: How Can We Notify Everyone To Leave the Building?

A: The latest IP paging systems attach to the network. Announcements can be made from the security computer or automatically when someone pushes a button. Since each speaker has its own IP address, it is possible to direct the page to a specific area. Each speaker is in a separate zone.

The announcement can be made from a computer or a VoIP phone on the same network. Push the button, and the paging system will let everyone know that the school is in lockdown or that they should exit the building.  These prerecorded announcements can cover many emergencies.

Emergency buttons can also trigger automatic responses. Audio management software provides control of when to make the announcement, the content of the message, and where the page can be heard. Please read the article IP Paging and Automated Emergency Announcementsto learn more.

Q: How Can We Tell Who is in the Building?

A: The access control management software keeps track of who has entered all the doors to the building so you can always tell who is in the building. To learn more, see the description of the access control management software available.

Q: How Can We Get Help in an Emergency?

Emergency Button
Emergency Button

A: Help can be obtained by the push of a button. There are two types of emergency systems or “panic buttons.” One kind of button is connected to the network, and the other is for mobile applications and is wireless.

Wired Emergency buttons are connected to intercoms, speaker amplifiers, or IP cameras. Many devices that have an input connection can be used to initiate a call for help. The alert goes to the safety or security person at a computer.

If the emergency button is attached to an intercom, the safety person can talk to the person who needs help. This type of emergency system has been used in elevators. A complete system includes an IP camera that allows the security person to talk and see the person in the elevator. Please read Automated Emergency Notifications and Response to learn more about emergency buttons.

Mobile panic buttons are carried by a person who would like to contact a central emergency center. These buttons communicate through smartphones to contact the security site.

The mobile panic button connects to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. To establish the link, you download the App from Google or Apple. Once the App is downloaded, it helps you pair the Panic button to your phone. It allows you to establish a connection to your security response center.

Q: How to Answer the Door for a Delivery

A: Intercoms are the best way to determine who is at the door and if you would like to allow entry. The call button on the intercom notifies a security person who can talk to the person at the door. If they want to allow entry, they push the unlock button on the computer screen, which triggers the electric lock to control the door.

Video Intercoms add the safety feature of seeing who is at the door. The camera can also let the security person see if anyone is loitering near the door and ensure that only the right people enter the door.

Q: How Can We Control Visitors to an Apartment House?

Door Control Using Intercoms
Door Control Using Intercoms

A: The new wireless intercom allows you to contact the resident’s smartphone or standard phone to request entry into the building. The lobby intercom display provides a list of all the tenants in the building.

The panel in the lobby has a touch screen that allows you to scroll or search for the right person. Once the person is selected, the tenant is notified by the App on their smartphone. The tenant can then see the person at the door as well as talk to them. They can then release the lock on the front door (or not). Since the communication channel is over the Internet, the tenant doesn’t have to be in their apartment; they can be anywhere they can receive a cell call and data connection.

Please read Apartment Intercoms to learn more about multi-tenant intercoms.

Summary of Security Solutions

Technology provides new ways to improve safety and security. Using IP intercoms, paging, IP camera systems, and door access control systems, we can improve the safety of our organizations.

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