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Access Control: What is it

What is Access Control?

Access Control Concept
Access Control Concept

Access control is anything that is used to prevent the wrong people from gaining access to your secure area. A door lock and key control access. If you have a dog in your yard, with a big sign that says, “Beware of Dog!” You have access control. Access control always includes a key to allow entry. The dog only lets in the people it knows, so that’s the key.

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IP Door Access Systems Wiring

Comparison of The Topography of Access Control Systems

access control central box concept illustration

Access control systems used to be very complicated and difficult to wire.  The early access systems used a central control box that connected to all the doors. The wiring was complex and expensive to install.

The latest access control solutions bring all the control functions to the door. This makes it easier to install, and simpler to expand. There are several systems that connect to the network but have different wiring schemes.

We compared the different access control systems and the benefits and disadvantages of each system configuration.

This article compares four types of door control systems. They all use access control management software that runs on your Windows computer. We provided the pros and cons of the different wiring topographies.

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