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The Difference Between Jukeboxes and CD/DVD Servers

CD Servers, RAID, Optical Disc or Cloud Storage? That is the question
by Dennis Gallen

Data Storage Concept

“What’s the difference between a jukebox and a CD/DVD Server?”  That was the question we used to get.  It was a time when CD-and DVD discs were a great way to archive data.  Today the there are a number of different storage options available.  We continue to get questions about the best way to store data.  We are asked, “What is the difference between Cloud storage and optical disc storage?  And, “What is the difference between tape and optical discs”?

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How Blu-ray Optical Discs Work

Blu-Ray Logo

The technology for storing data continues to bring us ever-increasing capacity. First, there were CD-ROM discs, next the DVD-discs, which increased capacity and data transfer speed.  Now we have blu-ray discs that provide 100 GB of storage. They are used in optical jukeboxes or libraries for archiving computer data

Blu-ray Discs (BD) was introduced by Sony in October 2000. Even though this new technology was developed for the consumer market, it also was capable of handling computer data.  As a matter of fact, Blu-ray became the standard in both markets.

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