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Calculating the Wire Gauge for Power to Your Device

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How do you get the power from here to there?

A number of people have asked us about the gauge of wire required between a device and the power supply. They also want to know how far away these two devices can be.  This article describes how to select the right wire and calculate the maximum length of the wire.

Your surveillance IP camera, electric door lock, an audio amplifier, or even an electric heater needs a certain voltage and current to operate. When the power is transmitted across a wire there is a voltage drop caused by the resistance of the wire.  If the surveillance camera (the load) is 500 ft. away from the power supply (the source), and it requires 12 VDC, what type of wiring is required to assure that the device gets the right power?

You could always use a very thick wire (low gauge), but that can cost a lot more than thinner wire (high gauge). To calculate the right wire and length you first need to understand a few electrical engineering concepts and equations.

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