Technology Review of 2021

A Year of Challenges

Technology Review 2021
Technology Review 2021

Even during the pandemic, some companies were busy creating new technology. New IP cameras included advanced intelligence that improved camera performance, enhanced object detection and notified the user about alarm conditions. Access control systems improved their software and provided cloud as well as on-site management software. IP intercoms enhanced the “if-then” selections that provided automatic responses to security situations.

This article reviews the technology of 2021. 

In 2021 new words were introduced into the dictionary. We had “breakthroughs” in technology, but it was also used to describe the infection of Covid-19 that occurred despite vaccination. We knew how software was de-platformed, but last year, we discovered that socially influential people could also be “deplatformed.” And we all faced “eco-anxiety” as we realized that climate change could affect our lives. We debated the term “critical race theory,” which confused everyone. The “metaverse” was not only part of The Matrix; it included the latest integration of door access control and IP camera surveillance and a new vision of the Internet.   

IP Cameras that are Smart

IP camera systems are getting much smarter. Would you like to know the moment when someone takes your laptop? Would you like to know when someone screams in the lobby of your building? How about detecting a gunshot? The latest IP cameras include more powerful artificial intelligence.  These cameras help protect people and assets. They notify you of dangerous situations, help deter terror attacks, and even tell you how many people have visited your store.

As an example, Hanwha’s latest intelligent IP cameras provide “narrow artificial intelligence” capability.  They can make decisions about objects they observe and categorize them into classes. The classes can be used to help find the critical recorded video. The latest IP cameras can also use object information and other detection rules such as line-crossing to notify users of an event.

IP Cameras with AI
IP Cameras with AI

Cameras that Talk to You

It is now easier to attach speakers to intelligent IP cameras. When the cameras detect motion, they can trigger audio announcements.

Specialized speakers with built-in amplifiers can be attached to IP cameras with audio outputs. This IP camera system creates an effective security system. To learn more, take a look at our article, How to Connect Audio to Networks and IP Cameras.

Access Control Software and Cloud Management

In 2021, Jeff Bezo’s company successfully launched four tourists into space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft. One of the crew was the 90-year-old actor William Shatner, who famously played Captain Kirk on Star Trek. They reached about 66 miles above the clouds on Earth. Of course, you don’t have to be launched into space to get to the clouds. Many new applications are now based on remote cloud computers, making it much easier to Manage access control systems.

Cloud Access Control
Cloud Access Control

The door access control management software has been enhanced and can be used on-site or in a cloud-based app. The new software provides access to many of the management functions from your smartphone.

The software is intuitive and provides some new high-level functions. For example, the software can mix and match over 40 customizable behaviors to create complex branching action plans to meet your application. These if-then functions include HTTP requests, door overrides, SMS messaging, and email actions.

Other functions of the access control software include:

  • The flexible trigger engine allows you to initiate action plans for all the doors. Input state changes or a schedule can generate the sequences.
  • The Elevator Control will enable you to determine what floor people can go to
  • Integration with IP Camera Systems video management software
  • Customizable Crisis levels can be defined. Many input triggers such as triple swipe, a special card, a mobile app can create an appropriate notification. For example, a crisis level can restrict what type of users can go through the door and change the mode of the door, such as making a public door into a door that needs a card and a PIN.
  • Active Directory support, on both the administrator levels as well as cardholder/user levels

IP Paging and Intercom If-Then Programming

Not to be left out, IP intercom management software includes special functions that allow the user to make an automated page if someone opens a door or pushes a button.

Summary of Functions

  • “If… Then” scripts
    • For example, it provides the automatic control of a Relay when a Sensor is triggered)
  • It can trigger pre-recorded audio files
  • Provides Alerts for system interruption
  • Reads RSS/CAP: Atom Feeds as voice audio
  • Schedule actions and tones
  • It runs in the background

See IP Paging and Automated Emergency Announcementsto learn more about automated paging.

The IP paging and intercom system can be integrated with IP Cameras to see the person you are talking to at the door.

IP Paging System Emergency Response Diagram
IP Paging System Emergency Response Diagram

Summary of Technology in 2021

2021 was a year to remember. Not only because of advances in technology but also because of the lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic. IP camera systems made the most out of adding narrow Artificial intelligence. Door access control systems and IP paging and intercoms improved the software available.

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